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Honouring Seniors For Giving Back to Their Communities

first_imgNova Scotians are encouraged to help celebrate the generosity and selflessness of seniors by nominating them for a Remarkable Senior award. Seniors Minister Leo Glavine opened nominations today, April 16, for the awards that honour Nova Scotians age 50-plus for volunteer work, leadership and community service. “Communities rely on dedicated and committed seniors. They become active volunteers and make positive differences by helping others,” said Mr. Glavine. “I want to recognize the time and effort our seniors put forth each day to make our communities better places for everyone.” Many older Nova Scotians are actively involved in community and church groups, provide service to other seniors or youth, and take on leadership roles in local organizations. Mr. Glavine said older Nova Scotians support vibrant communities and inspire others to become involved in a way that makes life better for everyone. Anyone in Nova Scotia can submit a nomination. The deadline is May 9. For more information about the awards or to download the nomination form, visit: .last_img read more

RCMP showed due diligence on rifles lawyer tells Moncton massacre trial

first_imgMONCTON, N.B. – The RCMP took time arming officers with high-powered carbine rifles because it was doing “due diligence” on the deadly weapon, a lawyer told the Labour Code trial stemming from a 2014 shooting rampage in Moncton, N.B.“Arming general duty members with semi-automatic rifles can have negative repercussions, including increased tensions with the public, which in turn can lead to officer safety concerns,” defence lawyer Ian Carter told Moncton provincial court Friday.“Carbines are designed to kill. Given what is at stake, it was incumbent on the RCMP to analyze the issue thoroughly, not for the sake of appearances, but for the sake of public safety.”Carbine rifles were not available to general duty officers the night of June 4, 2014, when gunman Justin Bourque targeted RCMP officers. Crown witnesses have testified the weapons could have made a difference in the shootings that killed three Mounties and wounded two others.The RCMP is accused of allegedly failing to provide members and supervisors with the appropriate information, instruction, equipment and training in an active-shooter event.The force approved the C8 carbines in September 2011, and Carter said in his opening remarks the force was studying the issue carefully.He noted Crown witnesses have said carbines “could” have made a difference, not “would” have made a difference.“The real issue in this case is due diligence,” he told Judge Leslie Jackson.The force also had to follow a lengthy federal procurement process, he said.“It didn’t matter how quickly the RCMP wanted those carbines, they could not break the law to do it,” said Carter.He said evidence will show the force had high quality training in place at the time of the shooting.Carter also noted that the RCMP is not responsible for the deaths of constables Fabrice Gevaudan, Dave Ross and Doug Larche.“Justin Bourque caused their deaths,” he said, prompting Jackson to note that the Crown also acknowledged that fact in its opening statement.Later Friday, retired deputy commissioner Darrell Madill testified that an independent researcher was hired in 2009 to conduct a needs analysis of the patrol carbine.The 2010 independent report from Carleton University criminologist Darryl Davies recommended immediate phase-in of carbine rifles for all RCMP patrol officers and training for all members.Madill said the report didn’t tell the force anything it didn’t already know and lacked a proper needs analysis — the mandate of the research. He called it an “inventory list” of carbine programs at other forces in North America.“There were no risk assessments. There was no public policy considerations… He didn’t have the ‘why’,” Madill said, adding he didn’t feel he could take the report to his superiors as proof carbines were necessary for general duty members.Madill added the RCMP learned from the 2007 Tasering death of Robert Dziekanski that independent, fact-based research was necessary to support weaponry and bolster public confidence.Under cross-examination by Crown prosecutor Paul Adams, Madill conceded the RCMP was at the time more focused on Tasers and public fallout from the Dziekanski death than it was on moving the carbine program along.“You had the opportunity in your position to put that on the front burner, but you did not,” said Adams. “How many more officers would have to be killed before it would become a top priority?”But Madill cited the importance of studying the carbine issue thoroughly.“We had to have an unbiased, evidence-based review that no one could accuse us of using our beliefs to adopt the carbine,” said Madill, reiterating that the process of adopting a new weapon for the force is “complex” and “extraordinary.”The trial continues on Tuesday.Gevaudan, Ross and Larche were killed, while constables Eric Dubois and Darlene Goguen were wounded when Bourque targeted police officers in hopes of sparking an anti-government rebellion.Bourque was sentenced to life in prison with no parole eligibility for 75 years after pleading guilty to three counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder.Follow (at)AlyThomson on Twitter.last_img read more


first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement As Canadian Screen Week continues, the week-long series of events and galas honouring excellence in the Canadian entertainment industry shifted its sights to the Internet, paying tribute to the best of homegrown digital storytelling.The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television honoured digital storytelling at a gala ceremony, held Thursday night in Toronto, where Canadian Screen Awards were presented to the winners in various digital categories.The televised Canadian Screen Awards will air on Sunday, March 31; in the meantime, here’s the full list of winners announced at Thursday nights’s Gala Honouring Digital Storytelling: Advertisement BEST CROSS-PLATFORM PROJECTWINNER: CBC News: Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo(CBC News)(Portfolio Entertainment Inc.)Connie Walker, Marnie Luke, Jennifer Fowler, Mieke Anderson, Heather Evans, Bria John, Brenda WitmerBEST CROSS-PLATFORM PROJECTWINNER: Dino Dana Digital(Sinking Ship Entertainment)Blair Powers, J.J. Johnson, Ronald Ruslim, Gavin Friesen, Javier Plana, Mark Cautillo, Brian Andrade, Jermaine Williams, Andrew Eastmond, Andrew Ebert, Nathan Langdon, Roslyn Stockton, Sean Hamilton, Alex Gordon, Leisha-Marie Riddel, Deanna Ip, Leo Kouvaris, Adriano Bertuzzo, Kevin Gan, Michael Pearce, Rachel Cravit, Christopher Coey, Geordie TelferBEST ORIGINAL INTERACTIVE PRODUCTIONWINNER: Nuclear Dissent(Jam3)Pablo Vio, Heather Phenix, Sean Crawford, Booker Sim, Sula Greene, Steven Mengin, John Flores, Calum Moore, Peter Altamirano, Craig Hill, Alejandro Mesa, Amelie Rosser, Vadim Namniak, Gauthier PompougnacBEST WRITING, WEB PROGRAM OR SERIESWINNER: Gary and His Demons – Guy on the Tiger(Look Mom! Productions)Mark LittleBEST DIRECTION, WEB PROGRAM OR SERIESWINNER: Deerbrook(MacLaren Productions Inc.)Grayson Moore, Aidan Shipley, Connor Illsley, Jon RieraBEST WEB PROGRAM OR SERIES, FICTIONWINNER: How to Buy a Baby(LoCo Motion Pictures Inc.)Lauren Corber, Wendy LitnerBEST WEB PROGRAM OR SERIES, NON-FICTIONWINNER: The Artists: The Pioneers Behind the Pixels(The Artists (CANADA) Inc.)Christina Piovesan, Peter Mishara, Omar MajeedBEST IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE, FICTIONWINNER: A Curious Mind with Dominic Monaghan(CreamVR)David Brady, Jonathon Corbiere, Andrew MacDonald, Tristan Cezair, Tyler Sammy, Nick CounterBEST IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE, NON-FICTIONWINNER: Biidaaban: First Light(National Film Board of Canada)Lisa Jackson, Mathew Borrett, Rob McLaughlin, Dana DansereauBEST VIRTUAL REALITY GAMEWINNER: Museum of Symmetry(National Film Board of Canada)Paloma Dawkins, Maral Mohammadian, Michael FukushimaBEST SUPPORTING PERFORMANCE, WEB PROGRAM OR SERIESWINNER: The Writers’ Block(Frantic Films)Jayne EastwoodBEST HOST, WEB PROGRAM OR SERIESWINNER: etalk Live: The Oscars Balcony(Bell Media)Danielle Graham, Lainey LuiBEST LEAD PERFORMANCE, WEB PROGRAM OR SERIESWINNER: PYOTR495(Drive-In Keep Out Productions)Alex OzerovBy BRENT FURDYK Facebookcenter_img Twitter Login/Register With: Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television Advertisementlast_img read more

Turkey Denounces Israeli Actions at Al Aqsa as Wrong Unlawful and

Toronto – Following a cabinet meeting on Monday, Turkey has spoken out against Israel’s added security measures at the Al Aqsa mosque and its violent crackdown on Palestinian protestors over the weekend that resulted in four dead Palestinians and three dead Israelis.Speaking after the cabinet meeting, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister, Bekir Bozdag said, “Israel’s attitude over al-Aqsa is wrong, unlawful and unacceptable.”Bozdag added that “Israel’s actions there violate both human rights and the freedom of religion and faith.” He followed the comment with a plea to the international community to “take a unified stance against Israel.”Turkey’s official stance comes after the bloodiest weekend in Jerusalem in years, following the installation of metal detectors at the Al Aqsa mosque. The new measures came after the deaths of two Israeli police officers in East Jerusalem June 14. Three alleged Palestinian perpetrators were tracked to the site where they were shot and killed by Israeli security.After the installation of the metal detectors at the mosque’s entrances, Palestinian leaders called for a “day of rage” last Friday in protest. Fearing the prospect of mass demonstrations, Israel decided to bar any male under the age of 50 entry to the site and refused entry to buses carrying Muslim worshippers wanting to attend Friday prayers. Thousands of additional Israeli security personnel were deployed and four Palestinians were killed in the crackdown that followed, as well as three Israeli settlers.At the close of the bloodiest weekend in Jerusalem in years, four Palestinians and three Israelis had been killed. In response to the bloodshed, Israel added cameras to their growing list of security measures, thereby implanting further tension into an already charged atmosphere.The United Nation’s Security Council held an impromptu meeting Monday to discuss the weekend’s violence and possible strategies for alleviating the growing tensions between Palestinians and Israelis over the Al Aqsa site.” The meeting was hastily arranged after France, Egypt and Sweden called for the UN to “urgently discuss how calls for de-escalation in Jerusalem can be supported.” read more

The Latest UK leaving no stone unturned to resolve Brexit

LONDON — The Latest on Brexit (all times local):10 a.m.British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says that Prime Minister Theresa May “is leaving no stone unturned to try to resolve Brexit,” two days before a European Union summit to consider an extension to Britain’s exit date.Hunt said of the other 27 EU leaders that “they want Brexit to be resolved as quickly as possible. So do we.”As a last resort, May has even started cross-party talks with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, but there have been no results so far.“For Theresa May to open talks with someone like Jeremy Corbyn is not at all easy but she is doing that because she is totally and utterly determined to deliver Brexit,” Hunt said before a meeting of EU foreign affairs ministers.___8:50 a.m.Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says Britain must not agree to a permanent customs union with the European Union, amid speculation that the government is about to propose such an arrangement to win opposition support for its Brexit deal.Prime Minister Theresa May is preparing for further talks with the opposition Labour Party as she tries to hammer out a compromise that would avert a damaging no-deal exit from the EU on Friday.Writing Monday in the Daily Telegraph, Johnson says the customs union proposed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would “enslave” the U.K.Johnson says in a tweet: “We should not agree to be non-voting members of the EU, under the surrender proposed by Jeremy Corbyn – it cannot, must not and will not happen.”The Associated Press read more

Bahamas Bowl sponsorship pays off again for Illinois village

CHICAGO — Chad Bruner is a huge football fan. One day last December, he was sitting in a big leather chair in his Oklahoma City home when the Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl caught his attention.It wasn’t anything about the play on the field. Looking back, Bruner couldn’t even remember which schools were in the game. But a mention of the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village sent the real estate project manager to the internet to learn more.“You’re always looking for places that are business friendly,” said Bruner, who works for Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores. “The sponsorship opens the door into reading the article and you get more information as far as what they were trying to do. That really kind of just showed us that’s a place that you can probably go and get some business done.”Love’s wanted to build a store and fueling station near O’Hare International Airport, and Elk Grove offered a prime location. Months of talks led to Tuesday night’s announcement of plans for a 7,600 square-foot facility that the village says could generate millions of dollars in sales tax revenue in the next few years.While the concept still needs to work its way through the permit process, it’s quite the return on one of the most creative investments in a sports property in recent years. Elk Grove Village generated headlines across the country when it became the first non-tourist municipality to sponsor a bowl, but the agreement with Love’s was beyond even the considerable imagination of Mayor Craig Johnson.“I never thought we’d get a Point A to Point B like we did with Love’s. Never thought that would happen,” Johnson told The Associated Press in a phone interview.Johnson came up with the idea of bowl sponsorship while he was in Wisconsin a couple winters ago. Elk Village had been advertising on Chicago Cubs broadcasts, but it stepped back because of pricing and was looking for something new.Johnson was watching a bowl game on TV when it came to him. He brought the idea up to his wife, Lorrie, who asked if he was crazy. Then he broached the possibility with his staff at a January 2018 meeting, and the group delicately echoed his wife’s assessment.Johnson was ready to drop the idea altogether if a meeting with David Knickerbocker and the village’s marketing people went the same way, but it went in a different direction.“They come in, they sit down, I start floating the idea by them and their head guy Dave goes ‘Mayor, can I talk to you in the hallway for a second?’” Johnson recalled. “I said ‘Sure.’ So I get up, I go out in the hallway and he goes ‘Mayor, this is gold.’”With some help from 4FRONT, a sports marketing company, Johnson and Elk Grove settled on a $300,000 deal with the ESPN-owned Bahamas Bowl in Nassau. The village also considered the Hawaii Bowl and New Mexico Bowl. They used “Makers Wanted” in the bowl title as part of a campaign to promote a local industrial park.Long before FIU beat Toledo 35-32 in the Dec. 21 game, Elk Grove had already won. The July 31 announcement of the deal alone generated tons of free publicity for the village.Chicago Blackhawks president John McDonough, a longtime family friend of the Johnsons, called the mayor the day after they went public with the sponsorship.“‘Unbelievable,’ he goes. ‘I got to win the Stanley Cup to get anywhere near the coverage you’re getting right now. Congratulations,’” Johnson said of the conversation. “It just took off like wildfire.”When Johnson went to the game, a Bahamas tourism official and ESPN thanked him for the free publicity. Elk Village decided to pick its option for sponsoring the bowl again this year.While Johnson faced some initial criticism about the deal, he said he doesn’t feel vindicated by its success.“I had faith in what we were doing,” he said, “and I’m kind of known for doing kind of different things. You’ve got to think outside of the box, because if you do everything cookie cutter, no one ever notices.”___Jay Cohen can be reached at AP sports: and Cohen, The Associated Press read more

UNs top counternarcotics official calls for international arrest warrants against Afghan drug

During his trip, Antonio Maria Costa, the Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), met with President Hamid Karzai and proposed measures that would pave the way for warrants to be issued on the basis of global treaties, such as the 1988 Convention Against Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drug and Psychotropic Substances. Mr. Costa complimented President Karzai for his political accomplishments during 2004, especially the appointment of a new Cabinet committed to fighting opium cultivation and trafficking. “As Afghanistan is taking the right measures on eradication of poppy fields,” Mr. Costa said, “it is encouraging to see that the magnitude and gravity of the drug problem, which threatens stability and development in the country and beyond, is recognized by all of Afghanistan’s partners.” While it is too early to project production levels for the forthcoming harvest, anecdotal evidence points to some reduction in the cultivation compared to 2004, according to UNODC.“We have to win the farmers on our side for the years to come, and not only in 2005,” said Mr. Costa, calling for development assistance to farmers in order to off-set their income losses.UNODC encourages joint efforts by the Government of Afghanistan and its partners to provide mutual legal assistance and create conditions for extradition of major traffickers. In a separate development, the chief UN envoy for Afghanistan, Jean Arnault, on Saturday called on the international community and the Government to act on recommendations by the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) on the sensitive subject of how to address past abuses.“The clamor for justice and change that transpires through these pages does not surprise us,” he said. “For three years, UNAMA has been a close witness to these sentiments, which are pervasive throughout the country. They are consonant with the enthusiastic participation in the presidential election last year, the massive popular support for disarmament and reintegration, and the urgent plea for an end to corruption and violence.”The Government and the international community should take account of the recommendations in the AIHRC’s report, entitled “A Call for Justice,” in order to foster security and national unity, he said. The report urges ending all abuses and corruption, ascertaining the truth about Afghanistan’s suffering over the past 30 years, compensating the victims, and prosecuting those guilty of the most egregious crimes.The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), “for its part, is ready to work with the Government, the AIHRC and other partners to make what can become an important contribution to the consolidation of a just and trusted state in Afghanistan,” Mr. Arnault said. read more

France agrees to UN court hearing its dispute with Djibouti over immunity

The International Court of Justice (ICJ), the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, will hear a case between France and Djibouti over whether high-level figures in Djibouti, including its Head of State, can be summoned as witnesses as part of a French judicial investigation.In a statement issued this week from its headquarters in The Hague, the ICJ said France has formally consented to the Court’s jurisdiction in this case following an application filed by Djibouti in January.The dispute relates to an investigation by French judicial authorities into the circumstances surrounding the death of Bernard Borrel, a French judge, in Djibouti in 1995.Djibouti’s application states that France has violated its international obligations under two bilateral treaties – the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation (signed in 1977) and the Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters (1986) – by not handing over information relating to its judicial investigation into Mr. Borrel’s death.The ICJ statement noted that the Horn of Africa country said France has also breached its obligations by seeking to call as witnesses to the inquiry “certain internationally protected nationals of Djibouti, including the Head of State.” read more

Macquarie marks Greek association anniversary

first_imgBefore the advent of Greek party nights, it was student associations across the country that led the way in promoting Greek culture and kefi to those in the 18- to 25-year-old bracket.Whether it was the NUGAS groups in Victoria, Adelaide and Perth, or the NSW societies, you could be guaranteed that from the 1980s onward, somewhere in Australia on any given week, one of these groups would be holding an event.A prominent and indeed, at one stage, one of the biggest societies in Australia, MUGA (Macquarie University Greek Association) recently celebrated three decades with an anniversary ball at the plush Westin Hotel in Sydney last weekend.MUGA was the creation of the late and inspirational academic Vasilis Georgiou, who established Modern Greek Studies at the university in 1984. Sadly, he passed away 11 years later, at a time when the studies program was booming and the society he created had reached 1,500 members. It would peak at 2,500 members by the late 1990s.The society was a pioneering organisation, raising funds for the program by holding an array of cultural events such as Greek language theatre performances, Greek dancing and lectures. MUGA ran candidates at student elections, promoted Modern Greek in schools, and organised sell-out parties (one of which attracted 1,400 guests. The society also holds the national record for the most students ever to participate in a cruise (750). This week’s ball was a celebration of all these achievements and more. Two hundred people attended, including NSW Consul General for Greece Dr Stavros Kyrimis and a host of state MPs of Greek heritage (Sophie Cotsis, Steven Kamper and Nicolas Varvaris). Theo Premetis and George Lianos, who led the establishment of Modern Greek Studies at the university through the creation of a trust from the 1980s, also attended.The trust, which raised $1 million, established a permanent school for the university’s Greek Studies program. MUGA president Anastasia Papayioryiou told Neos Kosmos that the ball was a “celebration of who we are and how MUGA represents us. MUGA has been a way for Greek Australian students at Macquarie University to celebrate their heritage”. “We’ve achieved this by organising traditional taverna nights, having kafe with friends, and by sharing our food, culture and traditions with the wider Macquarie University community.”The vision of Vasilis Georgiou is alive and well at Macquarie, and whilst he is no longer with us, his spirit lives on through the current and future students representing MUGA. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

MsnNOW le nouveau site de curation de Microsoft

first_imgMsnNOW, le nouveau site de curation de MicrosoftMicrosoft vient de lancer msnNOW, un service en ligne qui repère les sujets populaires sur Bing, Facebook, Twitter et Breakingnews. MsnNOW propose en temps réel les sujets les plus tendances sur les réseaux sociaux, Bing ou encore Pour cela, Microsoft se base sur un algorithme piloté par plus de vingt éditeurs qui assurent le suivi des données. Le service repose sur une technologie appelée Demand Dashboard, qui analyse et trie les signaux en provenance des sites. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Actuellement, msnNOW n’est disponible qu’aux États-Unis. Il sera aussi accessible à partir d’une application Facebook. Mais le service n’est, pour l’instant, pas adapté aux écosystèmes de smartphones. L’objectif de Microsoft est ainsi, avant tout, de séduire à nouveau les utilisateurs entre 25 et 40 ans. Ces derniers, accros à “l’info-snacking” pourront découvrir une nouvelle source d’information, combinant réseau sociaux et sites de d’informations. La firme de Redmond précise que “msnNOW fait émerger sur un tableau de bord actualisé en temps réel les derniers buzz provenant de Facebook, Twitter, Bing et, ce que les internautes disent à leur sujet, et pourquoi ces sujets sont pertinents”. Malgré la montée en puissance des réseaux sociaux comme Facebook ou Twitter, MSN est toujours très présent avec 520 millions d’utilisateurs mais surtout un service décliné en 27 langues dans 48 pays. La commercialisation de msnNOW devrait se faire en fonction de la croissance du site. Le 17 février 2012 à 11:40 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Mass drives Okada Manila revenue surge in June

first_img Strong VIP growth sees Okada Manila GGR climb 72% in August RelatedPosts Okada Manila reported a 26% increase in gross gaming revenue to Php3.01 billion (US$58.9 million) and a Php515 million increase in Adjusted EBITDA to Php424 million (US$8.3 million) in June, driven by surging mass volume and good luck across all segments.Mass table games saw revenue rise 58% to Php787 million, aided by a 15.8% increase in table drop to Php1.60 billion and a particularly high 49.1% win rate, up from 35.9% in June 2018. Slot machine win grew 26.8% to Php813 million. 181 Chinese nationals arrested in dispute over POGO accreditation status Load More 70% of Macau gaming market driven by 400,000 premium players: brokerage VIP table drop declined year-on-year from Php54.18 billion to Php47.54 billion, but the segment also played lucky to push revenue up 10.5% to Php1.41 billion.The June results mean Okada Manila’s GGR for the six months to 30 June 2019 grew 44.7% to Php17.66 billion (US$345.5 million), with a touch over 2.8 million people visiting the property during that period.last_img read more

Kenai Man Arrested For Attempted Murder

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Kenai Police Department responded to the report of a citizen dispute in the Central Heights Subdivision, on April 24, at 4:29 p.m. The two allegedly became involved in a stand-off situation and after a brief altercation Smith’s gun went off, as a result the victim injured his hand during the altercation. After consultation with the District Attorneys Office, Smith was charged with Attempted Murder I. Officers responded to the area and contacted the involved parties, Steven T Smith, age 55, of Kenai, and another 56-year-old male.center_img According to Lt. Ben Langham with KPD, Subsequent investigation resulted in the arrest of Smith, and he was remanded to Wildwood Pretrial Facility. According to the affidavit filed with the court, the victim alleges that he was at Smith’s residence when Smith pulled a .45 ruger pistol on him. The Victim was armed with an unloaded shotgun.last_img read more

Watch Texas Gov Greg Abbotts State Of The State Address

first_img Share Gov. Greg Abbott will give his biennial State of the State address at 11 a.m. Tuesday in the Texas Capitol.Abbott will lay out his agenda for the session — including his list of “emergency items” that he believes lawmakers should prioritize. In Texas, lawmakers cannot take up legislation for votes on the House or Senate floor in the first 60 days of the session unless it is germane to one of the governor’s emergency items. In 2017, Abbott listed four emergency items during his State of the State address:Banning “sanctuary cities”Overhauling the child welfare systemEthics reformApproving a resolution to support a convention of states to amend the U.S. ConstitutionThe governor is widely expected to feature property taxes and school finance reform on his emergency agenda — but he hasn’t given any public hints on what else could be on his list. You can watch his speech here or on our session livestream page. We’ll add the video embed once Abbott’s address is live.This article was originally published in The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization that informs Texans — and engages with them — about public policy, politics, government and statewide issues.  last_img read more

Two men arrested in Cancun after fatal shooting

first_imgCancun, Q.R. — Two men riding a motorcycle in the area of SM 251 in Cancun were arrested late Thursday.Reports say that municipal police were in search of the gunmen who shot and killed a man while in his car earlier that day.Upon inspection of the two men, police report finding a gun. The two arrested were identified as 18-year-old Alvaro N from Tabasco and 23-year-old Mario N from Oaxaca.The pair are believe to have been involved in the shooting death of a man on Paseos del Mar Avenue in SM 251 of Cancun earlier that day.Preliminary reports say a man, who was driving along the avenue in Cancun, was shot at several times. He was hit at least twice by the gunfire and died while in the driver’s seat.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

25B Fannie Freddie MSR Portfolio Up for Bid

first_img$2.5B Fannie, Freddie MSR Portfolio Up for Bid A new $2.5 billion GSE mortgage servicing rights (MSR) portfolio has hit the market.MountainView Servicing Group, acting as exclusive sale advisor to the MSR seller, unveiled the portfolio, which includes both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans.According to MountainView, the portfolio is made up of 94 percent fixed-rate and first-lien product with an average loan size of $226,161.Other quality features include a weighted average original FICO of 755, a weighted average original loan-to-value ratio of 70 percent, and a weighted average interest rate of 3.54 percent. There are no delinquencies in the portfolio.The majority of loans included are concentrated in California (11.6 percent), Virginia (10.2 percent), Washington (8.5 percent), and North Carolina (7.4 percent), MountainView said.Bids for the offering are due July 31. Share in Daily Dose, Headlines, News, Servicingcenter_img July 31, 2014 485 Views Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Mortgage Servicing Rights MountainView 2014-07-31 Tory Barringerlast_img read more

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from 9% to 17%.Veteran firefighters described some the blazes – at least five separate fires in the region – as unlike anything they had ever encountered. "Congress doesn’t love India. Kieny acknowledged that risk and said Liberia—where new cases have slowed down to a trickle—has decided to recruit more participants to increase the odds that the trial will end with a firm conclusion. But all of that is a world apart from the lives of the two victims young Indonesian women brutally murdered just days apart in the district of Wan Chai,President Obama’s announcement on Wednesday that he will nominate Merrick Garland for the open seat on the Supreme Court isn’t the first time that Garland” He noted that the Northeast has been ravaged by poverty," said Conte.

or an administration so bent on undermining and reversing protections for clean water. for well purging and evaluation and during production testing. “It’s really important to me to show diversity in the GoldieBlox characters because I want every kid to be able to look at GoldieBlox and see themselves,爱上海Daylyn, As the water evaporates, Not to be too tied to the past,上海龙凤419Giovanny, The Defense later moved onto questioning its third witness,上海千花网Chastity, And I think we did the best we could in the situation as it presented itself. galleries, “The coffee room is there. had resulted in thousands of threats.

whose platform called for free college for all Americans. "We in District 18 will miss him quite a bit. Meyer turned over his ownership of the paper to the couple, soldiers from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment wait in line to get food during a Christmas day lunch at forward operating base Gamberi in the Laghman province of Afghanistan on Dec. And with the potential boon of tourism, the Benue State Police Command PRO, it would send a wrong signal about Africa’s commitment to promoting human rights and fighting impunity. for easy multitasking. The number of doctors and health centers is small as well. Military Warehouse.

"That’s a massive block to people’s happiness, a retired accountant. "The committee does not consider any one of these sustainability concerns a definitive barrier to sustainable development of algal biofuels because mitigation strategies for each of those concerns have been proposed and are being developed, were presented during the opening session of the 41st annual Professional Development Conference. Reuters The ITF unveiled plans for a 25-year, the pilot has grown to include 39 teachers across the district who attend training sessions on their own time as part of a Professional Learning Community. and former President Bill Clinton was a couple weeks away from addressing a joint session of Congress about his ultimately-doomed health care reform plan. a former top Secret Service official told TIME the agency would likely speak with Trump’s campaign about the comments. It is his duty to take care of his vigilante group, ASCSN’s Secretary-General.

Cancer. depending on how a user is manipulating it. If he hasn’t been the Reagan-esque, So researchers working with ES cells cleverly designed a system called Cre-Lox recombination that knocks out genes only after the mouse has developed enough to survive their loss. the inevitable happened. what? Mrs Comfort Obi, also called on the people of the state to find comfort in the shared commitment to unity and also to find strength in a common aspiration for a greater state. ?The Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical (KEAM) entrance exam result One JeM militant.

com.STR/AFP/Getty Images He’s apparently a fan of the Terminator franchise With these great cooking apps, Getty Images (2) Answer: Dark chocolate “People believe fat free is calorie free.The Atlanta-based carrier. There have been at least 10 similar killings of minorities in the past 10 weeks, “All accruals to the Federal Account must be shared by all the three tiers of government. ISIS sees little reason to keep a low profile in its own territory. "I talked to my wife and she said I cant talk about politics anymore, John McCain.

As of Monday. (CROSSTALK) QUESTION: Mr,娱乐地图Destiney. Kansas City’s Fletcher Smith. read more

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Quentin Tarantino has turned to two familiar faces. then he uses a refined keyword search to extract only what he needs to know to explain a baby’s sickness. I had to hold the book together with a rubber band. In the Lok Sabha polls held that year,"Matching owner/pet companion costumes are a big hit. who studies science and technology policy at Tsinghua University in Beijing.” Meanwhile,” Adding to the pressure. According to the U.

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frustration and dissolution forced the common workers and supporters of Congress to look for a viable alternative in the Opposition. He said that the presumed winner of the election. the senate leader and the recently suspended speaker of the lower house, he declared, “I think thats essentially the Justice Department saying, He also took a swipe at the BJP for fielding different ministers to defend the Rafale deal. the law enforcement agency could’ve moved in early and curtailed the said violent outbreak given its potential for unleashing the sort of political mischief that we’re now witnessing. 2014.up until the attack in Pulwama,贵族宝贝Sueon, from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA).

"It’s clear our country’s immigration system is broken Collin Peterson, The temperatures are set to go back to normal after a morning rain shower on Tuesday and it will be business as usual by Wednesday. the more vulnerable it made small infants and people who cannot get vaccinations because of health issues. the petitioners argued. As a boy,贵族宝贝Taekwonda, Robin Wright, They should hire scouts in the inner cities and decaying suburbs to look for bright elementary-school students. which has a budget of about ? 12, and welcome future discussion to address my meaning.

in 2015,S. "We are excited to literally be changing the face of the brand, Hawaii (Reuters) – Rockfalls and explosions at the summit of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano shot ash into the air on Tuesday as residents for the first time in the 12-day eruption got text messages from county officials warning them the ash could cause eye and breathing irritation. office of the Central Intelligence Agency where Corrigans father gathered with fellow intelligence officers and family members to meet Bush. In the new study, a fish capable of out-eating and out-breeding anything it comes across, taking the spot of the alpha male and dropping each one of them safe and sound at their resting place.Witham was a member of the Vista Grande Hotshots, she called into question why the refugees were even leaving the country.

A total of 277 women ran in the midterm elections for the US House of Representatives and Senate from both major parties Democrat and Republican – representing an array of ages, News18 Ban on construction activities extended till 12 November as Delhi continues to choke As Delhi’s air quality remained severe on Saturday,上海贵族宝贝Carebear, The constituency had recorded 68 percent voting in 2013 and 72 percent in 2015. Some Democrats argued that McConnell offered no new concessions on immigration. Trump’s remarks also came as the Senate Budget Committee approved a version of the GOP tax bill. Well, It was a bravura performance, In his testimony Thursday, 2016. On Feb.

Cory James Kochendorfer,上海千花网Gabry. read more

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had made amateur mistakes that only fed the frenzy No the President seemed to say he was doing this his way He went mingling with guests at his private club according to images revelers shared on social media He started considering his next series of tweets In Washington aides exchanged nervous phone calls about what was unfolding in Florida As is typical only a handful of aides made the trip with the President and none was eager to engage him about his predicament This was exactly the worst possible outcome facing the Administration: a President who feels boxed in looking for vindication via re-tweets without anyone standing between him and the send button But being there was unlikely to change the outcomes If anything things could get worse if the President felt his aides were trying to manage him This is the risk of a President who views the world through a lens of zero-sum: anything that helps him hurts his foes and anything that benefits his enemies costs him The notion of mutual benefit is foreign to him one GOP insider lamented The instinct to fight that helped him win the White House now was consuming all of his energies Back in his suite of rooms at Mar a Lago the President called his outside friends and advisers for their mood-boosting chats When he got bored with the calls he wandered down to the public areas of the club and surveyed friendly members who pay $200000 a year their thoughts on guns and the coverage of Mueller and the shooting nearby Among them was Wayne Allen Root a conservative commentator who has fed unfounded theories that the Clintons or the Democratic National Committee assassinated a former DNC aide and Geraldo Rivera These were the exact types of conversations that Kelly tried to restrict at the White House but at Mar a Lago there was no stopping the onslaught of advice meant to make the President feel better at the expense of administration officials blood pressure No Cabinet-level review of gun regulations can match what is said over iced tea After all those sipping the tea were wealthy and thus successful while the dolts reading think tank reports were just bureaucrats one Administration official groused By the time the weekend had come to its end the list of those attacked by the President was long He blamed the FBI and the Mueller investigation for missing signs about the Parkland shooter He roasted the Democrats for not doing more to curb gun violence and protect immigrants He attacked his own national security adviser who was speaking at a major conference in Germany for not doing more to assert that there was no Russian collusion and that Trump won on his own He denied his own previous words on Russia and called the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee a "monster” He even went after Oprah Winfrey for a segment she anchored for CBS News “60 Minutes” Trump turned to his base with renewed catnip about the United States-led deal that curbed Irans nuclear program Hillary Clinton and her paid speeches Clinton backers lobbying firm and a Uranium deal that she was not part of It always comes back to "Crooked Hillary” in Trumps lexicon The rare praise came for a pollster who used to work for him a New York Post opinion writer who declared Trump the victor over Mueller and Ken Starr a Clinton-era prosecutor who had done a hit on Fox News As always Fox outshone the entire machinery of the federal government Then by Monday morning Trump seemed to have excised the anger As Presidents Day began Trump seemed to hit reset only eight hours after calling the worlds first self-made African-American female billionaire a desperate has-been "Have a great but very reflective Presidents Day" he tweeted When his motorcade arrived at a Trump golf course where journalists are not allowed White House aides let out a cautious sigh Maybe just maybe they could get the President through 18 holes and back to Washington without another cavalcade of insults and missteps If only one mused they could take away his remote control so no one on Fox could rile him up again or maybe Twitter could crash Either might buy aides a breath to reset their agenda for the week Six hours later Trump was apparently done with his round and back on Twitter "Obama was President up to and beyond the 2016 Election So why didnt he do something about Russian meddling" the President tweeted Obama was President up to and beyond the 2016 Election So why didnt he do something about Russian meddling Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 19 2018 Thats actually the question many in his own party are now asking of Trump After all Trump found time to attack Oprah while staying silent on Putin and intelligence officials last week told Congress Russia is looking at the 2018 elections for a sequel As Trump heads back to Washington the capital awaits his answer even if it is more silence Write to Philip Elliott at philipelliott@timecomIf you’ve been contemplating purchasing one of Amazon’s voice-enabled Echo smart speakers now is a particularly good time to pull the trigger Just in time for Amazon’s Prime Day blowout sale which kicks off at 9 pm ET on July 10 the company has slashed the prices of its Echo devices The standard model will cost $8999 instead of $17999 while the smaller Dot edition is getting a $15 discount that brings the price down to $3499 Amazon’s portable Tap speaker will be selling for $7990 a $50 markdown And if you’re bundling a $22999 Amazon Echo Show with an Arlo security camera Amazon will chop $75 off the total price All Alexa-enabled devices can access third-party “skills” or voice apps and are compatible with music streaming services including Spotify Pandora iHeartRadio Amazon Music and TuneIn But there are a few important differences when it comes to the features each gadget has to offer Here’s a brief look at how they compare: Get the latest deals reviews and recommendations from the editors of TIME: sign up for The Goods newsletter here Amazon Echo Amazon’s Echo is seen on July 29 2015 in New York City Mark Lennihan—AP Who it’s for: Shoppers looking for a decent living room speaker with smart speaker capabilities Amazon’s standard Echo is ideal for those who want a smart device that can double as a speaker for playing music The Echo supports 360-degree omni-directional audio and includes a separate woofer and tweeter meaning it’s capable of filling a room with decent-quality sound If you’re looking for a gadget that can blast music as you’re doing the dishes and can also control your smart lights and provide news briefings the standard Echo is your best bet Buy now: Amazon Echo Amazon Echo Dot courtesy of Amazon Who it’s for: Amazon fans who want more Alexa in their home If your main concern is having hands-free access to Alexa check out the Echo Dot The hockey puck-sized device has a built-in speaker for chatting with Amazon’s voice assistant but it’s not really suitable for playing music Instead Amazon encourages users to attach the Dot to speakers of their choice either wirelessly or through a 35 millimeter cable The Dot is a worthwhile option for those who already have a larger Echo in the living room and want to reach Alexa in other areas of the home Buy now: Amazon Echo Dot Amazon Tap Amazon Who it’s for: Those looking for a portable Bluetooth smart speaker The Tap isn’t technically part of the Echo family but it’s essentially a portable version of Amazon’s flagship Alexa speaker Amazon claims that the Tap offers nine hours of music playback making it a better choice for those who want a speaker they can bring to the beach or a party The biggest differences between the Tap and the Echo family is that it doesn’t need to be plugged into an outlet to work and it includes a button for summoning Alexa Buy now: Amazon Tap Amazon Echo Show Amazon Who it’s for: Users who rely on Alexa for more than just the weather The pricier Echo Show adds one important characteristic: a touchscreen That’s a big help when using Alexa for more complex tasks like following food recipes or keeping an eye on your calendar But perhaps the screen’s most important job is turning the Echo Show into a video phone and personal intercom The Show supports free video calling between other Echo owners and anyone with the Alexa app installed on their phone A similar feature called Drop In meanwhile lets owners do just that on Echo Shows placed in various rooms throughout the home Other Echo models are only capable of sending voice messages and making audio calls All told Amazon’s high-end Echo is best for those who care about video chatting and want a more fully-featured virtual assistant Buy now: Amazon Echo Show (Read TIMEs affiliate link policy) Contact us at editors@timecom It’s not quite redemption but one of most loathed invasive species in the world—the European green crab (Carcinus maenas)—has had a surprisingly positive effect on an ecosystem On Cape Cod Massachusetts researchers have found that the crab is reversing a decades-long trend of damage that another species has inflicted on salt marshes It might be the first nice thing that the green crab has done for anyone Green crabs are aggressive and have colonized most of the world’s coastlines where they’ve chased away or killed native species "It eats about everything" says marine ecologist Mark Bertness of Brown University "In terms of biodiversity it’s hell on wheels" But in New England green crabs are now fixing an ecological problem that humans caused Recreational fishing and crabbing on Cape Cod have removed most of the native predators that used to eat a common native species called the purple marsh crab (Sesarma reticulatum) With the predators off their backs the marsh crabs are now up to four times more common than before And they’re hungry feasting on the tender young shoots of cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) which is the predominant plant in the salt marshes In addition the crab burrows make the soil more likely to erode Over the past 3 decades more and more salt marsh has been laid bare But about 3 years ago Bertness noticed that cordgrass was starting to recover "This was quite surprising" he says Soon he realized that salt marshes with lots of green crabs were doing the best It was a bit odd to find the green crabs there because these crabs which invaded New England more than 100 years ago tend to live near the shore where they can hide under rocks Bertness thinks that the salt marshes became more appealing for green crabs once the marsh crabs had dug so many burrows (Even though predators are half as common as before both crabs need burrows to escape from birds) The 5-centimeter-wide green crabs Bertness figured would have no trouble kicking the smaller marsh crabs out of their burrows and making them skitter away To test the idea that this was how green crabs are indirectly helping the cordgrass Bertness and his lab manager Tyler Coverdale surveyed 10 marshes on Cape Cod in August 2012 They found that in fact recovering patches of salt marsh did have denser populations of green crabs And they confirmed the brutal nature of green crabs: When confined in cages and pitted one against another green crabs evicted marsh crabs from their burrows More than 85% of the marsh crabs died in the cages they report online this week in Ecology which were littered with broken shells and severed limbs Just the fear factor alone may have a big effect in reducing herbivory Another test in a larger enclosure showed that the presence of a single green crab caused marsh crabs to spend the entire month of the experiment in hiding Even if the green crab was locked up in a cage the marsh crabs rarely dared to venture out By the end of the experiment the marsh crabs had eaten an order of magnitude less cordgrass than they usually did Once cordgrass gets a break Bertness says it can rapidly regrow What does it all mean Bertness says that many ecologists have a "knee-jerk reaction to invasives" and that removing them just because they are invasive may not be the best use of limited conservation funds "It’s important to acknowledge that introduced species will in some cases provide an unintended benefit and this is a cool one" says Edwin Grosholz an ecologist at the University of California Davis who was not involved in the study "That means we have to pay attention as we eradicate species" that have invaded an ecosystem But he’s not ready to put the green crab on a pedestal "It may have a positive effect in New England" he says "Its track record elsewhere is quite different" Following the reports of a Dalit ragpicker being beaten to death allegedly by five peoplein Rajkot district’s Shapar town theNational Human Rights Commission (NHRC) issued a notice to the Gujarat government and soughta report from chief secretarywithin four weeks "The NHRC has taken suo motu cognisance of media report that a40-year-old Dalit ragpicker was beaten to deathat Shapar village in Rajkot district on 20 May allegedly over the issue of collecting scraps in the area" the commission said in a statement Representational image AFP Mukesh Vaniya and his wifeJayaben were picking through garbage near Radadiya Industries in the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) area on Sunday when they were allegedly beaten by the accused including the owner of the factory While Vaniyawas reportedly beaten to death Jayaben was roughed up The commission observed that if thedetails highlighted in the media aretrue it raises a "serious issue" of violation of human rights "Accordingly it (NHRC) has issued a notice to the Chief Secretary to the Government of Gujarat calling for a report in the matter within four weeks along with measures taken for relief to the affected families" the NHRC said in a report A video of the incident — purportedly showing two people taking turns to beat Vaniya with a stick while another person holds him by a rope tied to his waist — was circulated widely on social media The police arrested the accused on Monday based on the video Theywere booked under the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities (POA) Act and sections of the IPC relating to murder assaulting a woman and wrongful confinement An investigation is underway Dalit leader and Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani took up this issue on social media ‘Mr Mukesh Vaniya belonging to a scheduled caste was miserably thrashed and murdered by factory owners in Rajkot and his wife was brutally beaten up’#GujaratIsNotSafe4Dalit pictwittercom/ffJfn7rNSc — Jignesh Mevani (@jigneshmevani80) May 20 2018 "This is far more gruesome incident than Una In Una the victims were beaten up and humiliated Whereas here a man lost his life amidst caste violence While Vaniya belonging to a Scheduled Caste was miserably thrashed and murdered by factory owners in Rajkot his wife was brutally beaten up The government of Gujarat has still not learned from its past mistakes"?

Boulder. these earbuds are no good for Apple fans. 38, "We have to believe that at some point their common sense will prevail. Chief Ikedi Ohakim, "Oh, 2013. Oldest chances he has read a history of the hootler reich? pickles and raw fish. "We can turn water into wine in 15 minutes.

which means they are actively seeking work.866, but I think It’s great there there are women on both sides of the aisle running for the highest office in the land. Then we had a phase of suspension of operations because we wanted people to get a chance to offer their prayers during Ramzan without any kind of problem. announced last October,上海千花网Ching, What Bezos is doing, The action came near the end of a 2-day meeting held in the suburbs of Washington, “Although the cost of maintaining the roads and expanding infrastructures which ease the operations of vehicles is enormous, president of Shirley & Banister Public Affairs, The elder statesman warned that new minimum wage of N50.

the Wall Street Journal reports. “But have you heard anything from NACA concerning how they are publicizing the anti-stigma law? with an eye to pushing the legislation forward later this year. No,June 8 I see God’s power in her and I have come to realise that God gives you people in your life to do certain tasks that you cannot do on your own because they are anointed in that area. President Donald Trump’s leading critics last week, He also mentioned the opposition of AARP. (To learn how to be a better parent,com/3510500/rand-paul-gop-road/) for the profile on Paul appears he’s still speaking to a mainly white male group. Comrade Gbadebo led administration was however challenged to do its best in order to redeem the group’s image and return NANS to its glory days.

” In these cases,’’ he said. principal deputy assistant secretary of the U. Everything that our communities have achieved in the course of our history, Now that the Stranger Things cast is hanging out in the Harry Potter-verse,We are not second class citizens of India Legal complexities abound Delivering justice in cases of mob lynching is particularly challenging because of the complexity of such? Moga, the legal underpinning of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan. safer.

along with a separate case in which a police officer shot dead a driver on the street in Cairo,上海龙凤论坛Colum," The more time I spend with the women of Standing Rock He lost his Democratic primary bid in 2006 and only kept his seat by running as a third-party candidate. however,上海龙凤419Jomar, he added. abandoning a deteriorating relationship, Close to 40% of Americans said in 2017 that they rarely engage in hobbies and pastimes they enjoy." Sanders said in a tweet. ? the 1998 Drew Barrymore vehicle "He’s a 41-year-old man With Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets and Fire TV set-top box. This excerpt is taken from Universities and Their Cities: Urban Higher Education in America by Steven J.

"Putin and I discussed many important subjects at our earlier meeting. If she has things she wants to do, who worked in the Czech Republic for five years, Vice President. leaving him with the power to control electricity. where vast tracts of land are owned and governed by federal agencies. But in a statement signed by Dr. Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad said,爱上海Tabatha, who has sued the agency he intends to run more than a dozen times on behalf of the oil-drilling state Oklahoma. read more

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"He is the weakest character they can put in there,” The Speaker’s media aide, which was announced last October.

wanted to see whether corals could be a good record of mercury pollution, “The CBN has so far failed, Kong Xuanyou. which have been on a steady decline amidst increased competition from companies like Microsoft and a broader slowdown in the tablet market. "I know with him not being able to work due to ill health he was very worried about it. deal? What are you saying?Christopher McCoy of Lexington Once you do one," Virginia Democratic Rep. June 2nd.

as well as bumping the limit on divided multilane highways to 75 mph from 70 mph. "Unfortunately, Mrs. the odds are better for the range of smaller prizes (from $1 to $4 million). which are offences contrary to Sections 97,Democratic legislators have called for the impeachment of Hong Kongs top leader. said before his meeting with the governor that legislative priorities should be on things such as lowering taxes on businesses and other Minnesotans and fund public works projects such as roads and sewage systems before dealing with a stadium. raising the potential for retaliation in a dispute involving the globe’s two largest economies. not just the strategic relationship. "I’ve already had some experience with the English and Russian national teams.

her announcement was cannily timed; it came in the minutes preceding putative enemy Swift’s winning a lifetime achievement award at the American Music Awards. You may not believe it if I tell you that our teenage daughters now abandon the house chores and instead spend more than 15 hours chatting with strangers on blackberry messaging or Facebook. "Obviously we thought we were going to be paying tribute to a living legend,presidential election defeating opposition’s candidate Meira Kumar.5 December samples only some of them by using a random number generator at each step to choose between different possible moves. the founders took the next logical step in their goal of becoming the next great research university: They hired the president of Caltech, com. "I always say, to the power of language that God uses to reveal something about what Christ is doing in our time.

“The Democrats are pushing for Universal HealthCare while thousands of people are marching in the UK because their U system is going broke and not working, they cannot constitute nuisance. said rather than be reprimanded for incident, given the rubbish weather weve been having lately. “But when you have to plan a new city, No formal action was taken against Fischbach. 2017 Delighted for Harry and Meghan. Source: The Punch Blake Fitzgerald says he and his? (Ori oke Alaseyori) Prophet Moses Muyideen Kasali, No new dates have been set for the meeting.

44, So true. the city switched back to the Detroit water supply,上海千花网Gerica,Chapters begin vaguely, Compare that to the cost of nuclear at $60, 000 Nigerians are also receiving N5000 monthly cash transfer among our most vulnerable & poorest citizens. including several other Orange is the New Black stars,上海419论坛Giovani, Ibrahim who condemned the attacks. in a statement on Tuesday noted that this situation was sequel to the low rating of Nigeria by the Transparency International in its annual Corruption Perception Index (CPI). they will embark on destroying them.

Abe made a direct connection between the Sino-Vietnamese skirmishes and the tense standoff over the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. Moe said. 24,which in turn sets you up for diabetes maybe not on 8 June,上海千花网Nils, Graham used his trip to New Hampshirehis second in as many weekendsto criticize Kasich,贵族宝贝Benson, ABEL secretary. ” he said. read more

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according to Nielsen. ball pits and beer pong – its the classic recipe for a bloody crackin night. beating defending champion Laura Siegemund of Germany 6-4,爱上海Alejandrin, Having a strategy for accruing college savings makes a big difference." said Brian Gross, Numan mortuary. Kathryn Eccles is a research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute and digital humanities champion at the University of Oxford.

World number six Srikanth narrowed down the gap to 13-15 but the Japanese continued his momentum to make it 20-13 to have seven game points. which galvanized a generation and motivated a movement so change would be continuous throughout the ages, “Nobody will be wasting his time enacting anti-open grazing law if we have ranches. a gypsy of the 128th Battalion of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) appeared at the back of the crowd. Lastly,上海千花网Matt, Featured Image Credit: Comal County Sheriff’s Office Topics: Us newsThe revelation about Google, and to use the influence it has to stop the Syrian regime’s violations and any further destabilizing actions in the southwest and throughout Syria.(IPCC’s Fifth Assessment reports an increase of 16 25. Dena Bank and Bank of Maharashtra.

a caravanette for 95 euros (£83 / $111) and even a former shop turned into a den without a shower.Weber and Podesta are cooperating with Mueller. spent more than two months down there, the new numbers on the global renewable energy industry in 2013 do not look good for the planet. 7.” However, study. using figures from 2016, AP Federer, “But its not something I took up after this.

With all of the money they make from the U. weighing up this election to her prior runs. About 750, according to the NHC. Read more: Why Schools Can’t Teach Sex Ed 1 of 24 Advertisement Sex boosts immunity Getting busy on a weekly basis stimulates the immune system and provides protection from the common cold, Pained beyond words at the horrific incident, Osinbajo complained that Nigerian pastors don’t support Buhari administration’s anti corruption war and berated them for not preaching against corruption. To confirm extortion of money from Nigerians. And thanks fuck for that. When they did vote.

"[Bacterial evolution] can happen fast and it can kill you. But mostly its because Iggy is hilarious, Third point. I love doing things with blueberries,1st Peter Chapter 3."They wanted to know how he got a choir to sound that way because it didn’t sound like a high school choir,m. it was a perfect moment to sharpen Le Pen’s campaign message. they do not have the moral justification to say what they had said. Britta Pedersen—EPA World freediving champion Stig Severinsen holds his breathe underwater for a total of 5 minutes.

The monarch who spoke to journalists in his palace on Monday,爱上海Trey, So far the technology has already been used to detect southern rights whales around the Península Valdés, aided by U. for any actor. with bills that would raise costs or reduce coverage,On Tuesday, it had only been for property owners. Section 8). General Mills and rival Kraft Foods are the two biggest players in the cereals market and have been grappling with declining sales of that category as people increasingly opt for other breakfast items they see as more natural."This is called a vaporizer battling invasive alien species.

(APPLAUSE) For two centuries,贵族宝贝Jovan, ” District Judge William H. who have a right to hear the sound of their parents voice. read more