APNU/AFC Government tolerating ‘POLITICAL TERRORISM ‘at Region Five RDC

first_imgDear Editor,The Ministry of Communities, with direct responsibility for Local Government, is failing to protect the constitutional rights of electors who voted at the last National and Regional Elections in May 2015.The Minister of Communities, who is empowered constitutionally to ensure that conditions are conducive to enable elected officials to serve and represent the people, is also empowered to ensure that no public official (REO) is hindered from serving their constituents.As such, the current impasse that exits at the Regional Democratic Council of Region Five should not have being tolerated by the Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkhan.The non-intervention by Minister Bulkhan to sanction Regional Executive Officer Ovid Morrison is definitively because he is a member of the PNC/R, and would not be sanctioned until there is political direction from the leader of the PNC, David Granger. This was the conclusion arrived at based on President David Granger’s explanation on the ‘Broomes fiasco’ at the last press conference.The practice of employing Regional Executive Officers in the Public Service is based on political affiliation and party loyalty. It has contributed to undermining the effective functioning of a key level of regional governance, and as such, this APNU/AFC Government cannot survive.The Regional Executive Officer, according to the Public Service Act, is the chief administrative officer of the region. He/she manages the day-to-day operations and provides advice to the Regional Chairman. With competence, the REO carries out the instructions of the Regional Chairman, to the extent that the Regional Administration does not violate the applicable laws, rules or regulations.The REO of Region Five is a known political hack who was planted by the APNU/AFC coalition Government in Region Five to undermine the functioning of the RDC.The most recent violation committed by the REO was holding the illegal statutory meeting in the absence of the elected Regional Chairman and Vice-Chairman, and demanding that the RDC approve the illegal minutes of that meeting.Under the Laws of Guyana, Local Democratic Organs Act, Chapter 28:09 section 23 (1), During any period when the chairman is for any reason unable to perform the functions of his office, those functions shall be assumed and performed by the vice-chairman.In continuation of the Act, Chapter 28:09 section 23(2) states that if the vice- chairman is for any reason unable to perform the functions of the office of chairman, in accordance with section (1), the clerk shall call a meeting of the council to elect a councillor to perform those functions, and the councillor so elected shall assume and perform those functions until such time as the chairman, or vice-chairman as the case may be, is able to act.In electing a councillor to perform those functions, the Local Democratic Organs Act Chapter 28:09 must be observed, so it is stated in section 23(3) that section 20 shall, insofar as is applicable, apply to a meeting called under this section.According to the act, the important aspect of section 19 and 20 is that the elected councillors must be invited with a published notice of time and place of intended meeting, and invitation must be served at least three days before the meeting.Based on the constitution requirements, it is evident that the REO acted illegally in appointing a chairman for the RDC without adhering to the laws governing meeting in appointing a councillor to be chairman of the RDC.Minister Bulkhan is very vocal when it comes to upholding constitutional laws and democracy, but he has refused to condemn this unconstitutional behaviour coming from REO Ovid Morrison.The people of Region Five are pleading with President David Granger and the new Commissioner of Police to intervene and ensure elected officials are allowed to represent the people and discharge their duties toward their people in a favourable environment. This REO should be dismissed immediately for creating a situation of “political terrorism” at the Regional Democratic Council of Region Five.Regards,Zamal Hussainlast_img