South Florida Congressman Says Impeachment is Already Underway

first_imgA South Florida politician says the impeachment process against President Trump has already begun.Congressman Ted Deutsch writes in an op-ed piece published in The Sun Sentinel,  “The question is no longer whether the House should vote to proceed with a formal impeachment inquiry. The inquiry has already begun. The Judiciary Committee may refer articles of impeachment to the whole House for a vote at any time.”While Deutsch supports impeachment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stated that she is not ready to formally support it. Congresswoman Louis Frankel, who represents the Palm Beach district that includes Mar-A-Lago, echoes Pelosi’s sentiment. She tells our news partner, CBS12, “[Impeachment] is the start of the process that has to go to the Senate, and without question, the Republicans in the Senate would protect the President and probably try to exonerate him. My message to people who do not want to see President Trump in office – and I’m one of them – is in the end, it’s going to be the 2020 election.”Deutch explains that an investigation into “abuse of power” by President Trump has been underway in the Judiciary Committee since last March, and that the panel’s chairman has the necessary authority and subpoena power. He adds, “No additional step is required. No magic words need to be uttered on the House floor. No vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry is necessary.”According to The Sun Sentinel, Deutsch is the 16th of 24 Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee to support impeachment.last_img