Month: October 2019

India Step Closer to Using LNG to Fuel Barges

first_imgzoom The Haldia Dock Complex, under India’s Kolkata Port Trust, revealed plans to set up LNG storage facilities near the Haldia Oil Jetty No. 1 as it designated some 10 acres of land for a period of 30 years for the project in light of the country’s efforts to introduce the use of LNG as fuel for barges.Namely, the move comes on the back of the Ministry of Shipping’s intent to reduce logistics cost and achieve the COP21 targets on cutting down pollution. Use of LNG as fuel for barges is expected to save around 20 percent on fuel, according to the ministry. Carbon Dioxide emissions are likely to get reduced by 20-25 percent and nitrogen/sulphur oxide emissions by 90 per cent.The efforts to introduce LNG as barge fuel is part of the overall efforts to promote transport on inland waterways and coastal shipping.The LNG storage project, which would also include laying pipelines and installing unloading arms through tender cum auction, will be undertaken on land lease model by granting lease of land by middle of December, 2016.LNG facilities are expected to be developed within 24 months from date of allotment of land.last_img read more

Spotted Rendezvous at Sea

first_imgImage Courtesy: AIDA CruisesIn today’s spotted we bring you an image of AIDAcara and AIDAprima, two cruise ships owned by German cruise line AIDA Cruises which met off the German Bight on February 10, 2017, heading for Hamburg.The vessels arrived at the port in the morning hours of February 11. AIDAcara, the first ship of the AIDA fleet, docked at Altona, while AIDAprima, the company’s latest newbilding, took berth at the Cruise Center Steinwerder.On February 11, AIDAcara launched the first AIDA Selection cruise from Hamburg.Built at Finland’s Meyer Turku Shipyard in 1996, AIDAcara features a length of 193 meters and a width of 32 meters.The second ship, AIDAprima, was constructed at Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) shipyard in 2016. Being the first newbuild of a new ship generation of AIDA Cruises, AIDAprima has a length of 300 meters and a width of over 37 meters.AIDA Cruises’ fleet is currently comprised of eleven vessels. In summer 2017, the company will welcome its twelfth cruise ship, AIDAperla. Additionally, two more ships will be commissioned in 2019 and 2021, according to the company.last_img read more

KfW IPEXBank Finances Royal Arctic Lines Boxship Duo

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license German lender KfW IPEX-Bank is providing EUR 30 million (USD 34 million) to finance two new feeder container vessels for Greenland’s Royal Arctic Line.The financing is backed by cover from the Spanish export credit insurer CESCE and includes funds from the Spanish CIRR (Commercial Interest Reference Rate).Scheduled for delivery in 2020, the new vessels were earlier ordered from Zamakona Shipyard in Spain. Featuring around 30% of components supplied from Germany, the units will replace older vessels in RAL’s fleet.The 67m-long-vessels will have one of the highest ice classes, on-board cranes and a dynamic positioning system (DP) as well as connections for refrigerated containers to transport deep-frozen fish for exporting.KfW IPEX-Bank’s most recent financing for Royal Arctic Line was for a 2,150 TEU container vessel that is envisaged to improve liner traffic between Denmark and Greenland from 2019, together with two other, identically constructed newbuilds of the Icelandic shipping company Eimskip.last_img read more

Background On Public Education Funding

first_img Provincial and Territorial Comparison of Funding Sources for Education Public schools education funding Section 530, Municipal Government Act -30- The property tax component of public education funding in NovaScotia has been a topic of considerable interest. Below isbackground information prepared by the Department of Education. Mandatory Education Tax Rate (MET):The bulk of school board funding comes from two sources: theprovincial government and contributions from property taxpayersmandated by the Education Act. The latter amount is determined bythe province, which sets a property tax rate known as theMandatory Education Tax Rate (MET). All property owners in NovaScotia pay the same rate, currently $0.3510 per $100. Themunicipalities collect this property tax on behalf of theprovince and remit the revenue to the school boards. Although this tax is called the minimum municipal contribution,it is not a tax on municipalities. It is a property tax speciallytargeted to education, collected by the municipalities becausethey already collect a property tax. The province could collectthis tax directly, but that would create unnecessary duplication. The valuation of properties for this purpose, known as theuniform assessment, is conducted by Service Nova Scotia andMunicipal Relations. Other Provinces:The mandatory education funding helps provide a consistent levelof educational funding to all Nova Scotia students, no matterwhere they live and go to school. It has been in place for manyyears, and is common across the country. Education funding raisedthrough property taxes in Nova Scotia is lower than mostprovinces in Canada. For example, in Nova Scotia property taxesaccount for about 15 per cent of school funding, compared toBritish Columbia at 28 per cent and Ontario at 41 per cent. (Adetailed comparison was prepared for Finding the Balance, thereport of Saskatchewan’s Commission on Financing K-12 Education,and released on Jan. 8. Table 15 from that report can bedownloaded from the website at .See attachment A, column C.) Attachment B, at the same URL, shows Nova Scotia’s municipalcontribution over the past three years. The figures are slightlylower than those in Finding the Balance because Nova Scotiaincludes more costs in its calculation. The 2004-05 Budget Process:The MET rate was announced on budget day in April as $0.3510 per$100 of uniform assessment. The rate has been the same since2002. All boards were advised of their minimum funding so theycould move ahead with their budgeting process. As with any budget process, the Department of Education based its2004-05 revenue and expense forecast on the best informationavailable. When the budget was drafted, the preliminary uniformassessment was $41,999,264,000. The department then estimated theminimum municipal contribution based on the same MET rate used inthe previous two years. After taking all estimated income intoaccount, it was clear there would have to be reductions in publiceducation services. Text books and property services were amongthe areas where reductions were made. After the budget was prepared, the final uniform assessment camein at $42,764,334,000. The higher uniform assessment meant thatapplying the same MET rate yielded $2.7 million more fromproperty owners than estimated in the budget. Because this moneywas needed — the school boards had already been told to expectservice reductions — the Department of Education recommended tocabinet that the MET rate be left unchanged. Cabinet confirmed the MET rate on June 3. This meant thedepartment was able to restore funding to some of the areas thathad been targeted for reductions. In the previous year, the uniform assessment came in lower thanestimated, and the province covered the resulting $877,400shortfall. Legislation has now been passed to ensure that uniformassessment information from municipalities is filed on time. Supplementary Funding:The Halifax Regional School Board also benefits fromsupplementary education funding. The Halifax RegionalMunicipality (HRM) is allowed to collect this tax under Section530 of the Municipal Government Act. There is no relationshipbetween this funding and the MET. Supplementary funding was enabled at the request of HRM and itspredecessors. The purpose is to allow the municipality tosupplement the minimum funding flowing to the school board.Halifax is the only board with such an arrangement. The legislation allows HRM to unilaterally reduce thesupplementary education tax by up to 10 per cent per year. Thisis intended to ensure any elimination of supplementary educationfunding would be gradual. The reduction can be faster byagreement between the Halifax Regional School Board and themunicipality. Section 530 of the Municipal Government Act isavailable as Attachment C at . Funding Formula:It is important to remember that the funding formula deals withhow funds are allocated to our school boards, not how they areraised. Because demographics and geography impose different costson each board, the formula can be complex. For instance, someboards have to bus relatively higher proportions of theirstudents to school. Typically, the cost of delivering the same services to studentsis higher in rural areas than in the cities. Bill Hogg, former deputy minister of finance, is reviewing thefunding formula in consultation with the school boards and thepublic. The implementation of the new formula should begin in2005-06. Downloads: read more

Order Issued Against Ontario Investment Company

first_img The Nova Scotia Securities Commission issued a temporary ordertoday, Feb. 11, against Portus Alternative Asset Management Inc.(Portus). The order imposes further terms and conditions on thecompany, which has been unable to open new client accounts andaccept new funds or assets for investment since a previous orderwas issued on Feb. 2. Today’s order prevents Portus from trading in securities and frompaying out, redeeming or otherwise returning investment funds toclients, except with respect to pre-authorized periodicwithdrawals on behalf of clients. The temporary order also places terms and conditions on theregistration of Mr. Boaz Manor, preventing him from trading oracting on a trade on behalf of Portus clients. Portus is an investment counselling and portfolio managementcompany located in Ontario and registered to operate in NovaScotia through the securities commission. A copy of the order is available on the securities commissionwebsite at, under What’s New. It will remainin effect until further notice. Any investors who have questions can contact the commission at902-424-6179. N.S. SECURITIES COMMISSION–Order Issued Against OntarioInvestment Companylast_img read more

Changes to Improve Services for Children and Families

first_img on-call services that provide emergency response after hours; community services and children’s aid society shared services, such as facilities and equipment; foster and adoption resources; and placement services for children in care. Specific recommendations include, removing the barriers that currently prevent foster and adoptive families from being available to children outside the jurisdiction of their particular agencies or government offices. This will help ensure the best match between children and families, leading to fewer moves and more permanent placements. Placement services will be reorganized to ensure a full range of residential services is available to meet each child’s unique needs. These services include foster homes, group homes and programs for children with disabilities who are in the province’s care. Support for families at home, including prevention, parenting programs and services to youth, will continue to be strengthened in partnership with community organizations. Implementation of the recommendations will begin over the next year. “This was a tremendous joint effort in the best interests of families and children in our province,” said Mr. Morse. “These improvements will strengthen the high quality child welfare services already in place in Nova Scotia.” In 2004, there were about 11,500 child welfare cases in Nova Scotia. About 840 of those involved court proceedings. Less than one per cent of all cases involved apprehending a child from the home. The full report can be viewed online at . Strategies to improve services for families, increase foster care support and strengthen placement options for children and youth in care were outlined in a report released today, Jan. 12, by the Department of Community Services and children’s aid societies. “Our first goal is to support families so children can remain at home, but the need to protect children from abuse or neglect means that’s not always possible,” said Community Services Minister David Morse. “The recommendations in this report will help us strengthen our services to ensure we are providing stable, safe and nurturing environments when children can’t live with their birth families.” More than 100 people from the department and children’s aid societies participated in several working groups to examine existing services and recommend improvements. Input was also received from the Federation of Foster Families of Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Council for the Family, IWK Mental Health Services, Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children, Chisholm Youth Services, Growing Together Dartmouth Family Centre, Dayspring Children’s Centre and many other organizations serving children and families. “We entered into this project with the goal of modernizing the administration of our services, while keeping the best of what makes our child welfare system effective for children and families,” said Jack Coffin, past president of the Children’s Aid Society of Cape Breton-Victoria. “It was an opportunity to work together to examine how services are delivered, and recommend important changes to improve support for vulnerable children and families in our province.” The report examined key areas of child welfare service delivery:last_img read more

Nova Scotia Has 80 New Cases of H1N1

first_img Most importantly, stay home if sick with flu-like symptoms, which are fever and/or cough with unusual tiredness, head/muscle/joint aches or sore throat. Wash hands often with soap and water, especially after a sneeze or cough. When soap and water are not handy, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are an acceptable alternative. Cough and sneeze into elbow or sleeve. If using tissues, dispose of them appropriately and wash hands. Limit touching eyes, nose and mouth. Do not share drinking glasses, water bottles, mouth guards, cosmetics or eating utensils. If concerned that medical advice or care is needed, contact HealthLink 811. Like any illness, should symptoms worsen, visit a doctor or walk-in clinic. Canada is experiencing the second wave of the H1N1 virus. This means that increased flu activity is being witnessed across the country, including Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia has seen 80 new lab-confirmed cases of H1N1, and one hospitalization, since influenza re-emerged this fall. There has been one H1N1-related death in Nova Scotia, in July. H1N1 activity has been highest in the Guysborough-Antigonish Strait Health Authority and Capital Health. “An increase in H1N1 activity was fully expected in our province with the start of the fall flu season,” said Dr. Robert Strang, chief public health officer for the province. “That’s why I strongly encourage Nova Scotians to get the vaccine as soon as it is made available in their area. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself, your family and your community. “H1N1 is a community virus. We can expect to see it everywhere in our communities — schools, grocery stores, day cares, libraries and more.” Women in the second half of their pregnancy, and women at any stage of pregnancy with chronic health conditions, are most at risk of complications from H1N1 and seasonal flu. Because of increased H1N1 activity in Nova Scotia, Dr. Strang recommends pregnant women, at 20 weeks gestation or less, who have pre-existing health conditions, consider receiving adjuvanted vaccine. It is also recommended that all pregnant women in the second half of their pregnancy (more than 20 weeks gestation) receive adjuvanted vaccine. Healthy pregnant women in the first half of their pregnancy are at less risk of complications, and can wait to receive the unadjuvanted vaccine. Unadjuvanted vaccine will start to be available in Nova Scotia next week. H1N1 vaccine will be available, free of charge, to all Nova Scotians who want it. H1N1 clinic dates and times from across the province are available at or through HealthLink 811. This is the largest immunization campaign in the province’s history. Dr. Strang urged Nova Scotians to be patient and to get the vaccine when it becomes available at a clinic in their community. In addition to getting vaccinated, Dr. Strang said Nova Scotians should continue to take other precautions to avoid illness: last_img read more

Les régions inondées se rétablissent

first_imgPour une deuxième journée consécutive, les conditions météorologiques dans le sud-ouest de la Nouvelle-Écosse sont encourageantes, entraînant ainsi une réduction considérable des niveaux d’eau et permettant aux gens de retourner chez eux. « Cette dernière semaine a vraiment mis à l’épreuve les familles, les communautés et les intervenants de cette région, a dit Ramona Jennex, ministre de la Gestion des urgences. Ils ont montré aux Canadiens ce dont ils sont capables, et je sais qu’ils feront preuve d’autant de caractère et de résilience lorsque les travaux de rétablissement débuteront. » La plupart des familles dans les régions touchées sont retournées chez elles. Le centre de bien-être de la Croix-Rouge à Quinan a fermé ses portes aujourd’hui 12 novembre. De l’eau potable est disponible à la caserne de pompiers de la région, et les travailleurs de la Croix-Rouge et d’autres organismes s’occupent de livrer de l’eau aux endroits nécessaires. On demande aux résidents de la région de continuer de faire preuve de prudence sur les routes pendant les inspections et les réparations. Environnement Canada prévoit que les prochains jours seront ensoleillés et aucune précipitation importante n’est prévue avant le milieu de la semaine prochaine. Le niveau d’eau de la rivière Tusket a diminué de 52 centimètres au cours des 24 dernières heures, et de 1,05 mètre au cours des 48 dernières heures. Nova Scotia Power signale que les vannes de décharge fonctionnent normalement au barrage du lac Vaughn et que l’eau coule à un débit réduit, mais contrôlé. Bien que les niveaux d’eau soient toujours plus élevés que la normale, Nova Scotia Power affirme qu’il n’y a aucun danger pour l’intégrité générale des barrages. Les ingénieurs inspecteront le barrage du lac Vaughn et le barrage Carleton encore une fois aujourd’hui. Puisque les puits creusés et les fosses septiques sont utilisés couramment dans la région de Quinan, le Bureau de gestion des urgences recommande à toutes les familles de la région de faire vérifier l’eau potable de leurs puits dès que possible. Les instructions relatives à l’eau potable sont transmises par la radio, par téléphone et de bouche à oreille, avec l’aide de la Croix-Rouge et du ministère de l’Environnement. L’état d’urgence local est toujours en vigueur dans la région de Raynardton, dans le comté de Yarmouth. Il prendra fin à 20 h samedi. Un refuge de la Croix-Rouge est toujours ouvert à Yarmouth. Les représentants du comté indiquent que la plupart des personnes évacuées de la région de Raynardton, en aval du barrage du lac Vaughn, sont retournées chez elles. Quelques sous-sols de maison ont été inondés ou ont subi d’autres dommages causés par l’eau, mais il faudra encore quelques jours pour connaître l’étendue complète des dommages. Trois ponts dans le comté de Yarmouth, y compris un pont majeur sur la route 3, sont impraticables. Des détours sont prévus. Dans la région d’Argyle, le pont donnant accès à Quinan est ouvert depuis 18 h 30 jeudi. Le directeur général de la Municipalité d’Argyle, Alain Muise, a dit que le pont de Quinan est en bon état, mais qu’il y a eu des emportements mineurs par les eaux. Il dit que tous les véhicules peuvent emprunter la route et que les travailleurs du ministère des Transports et du Renouvellement de l’infrastructure ont entamé les réparations. Sept familles de la même région demeurent isolées sur deux routes secondaires où des ponts ont été emportés. Il s’agit de Polly Road à East Kemptville et de South Belleville Road à Belleville. M. Muise affirme que le personnel affecté aux urgences est en contact avec les familles et livrera des provisions par bateau, au besoin. À Barrington, l’état d’urgence local demeure en vigueur mais devrait prendre fin lundi. Il y a encore une accumulation d’eau importante sur Clyde River Road. La route est praticable, mais la municipalité encourage les gens à ne pas l’utiliser, dans la mesure du possible. Une vaste gamme de renseignements sont disponibles sur les sites Web du gouvernement provincial. Des liens se trouvent sur le site Web du BGU à l’adresse Le Bureau de gestion des urgences offre les conseils suivants aux personnes qui sont aux prises avec des dommages causés par les inondations et d’autres préoccupations : Communiquez avec votre agent d’assurance dès que possible. Vérifiez si votre police d’assurance inclut les frais de nettoyage et si la compagnie d’assurance s’occupera d’embaucher un entrepreneur pour faire le nettoyage. Certaines polices d’assurance incluent également de l’aide pour remplacer la nourriture. Toute personne qui a besoin d’aide financière pour répondre à ses besoins essentiels peut présenter une demande d’aide au revenu en communiquant avec le ministère des Services communautaires. Toutes les demandes sont évaluées de façon individuelle afin de déterminer le besoin. Si le demandeur n’est pas admissible, le personnel peut le diriger vers d’autres soutiens communautaires qui pourraient lui offrir de l’aide. Deux programmes de réparations d’urgence offrent aux propriétaires admissibles de l’aide pour effectuer les réparations d’urgence nécessaires pour rendre leur maison sécuritaire. Les réparations admissibles peuvent inclure les systèmes de chauffage et les appareils essentiels. Communiquez avec le bureau des services de logement du ministère des Services communautaire de votre région pour obtenir plus d’information. Un programme d’aide financière en cas de catastrophe peut être offert afin d’aider les communautés à se rétablir. Faites une liste et incluez des photos ou des vidéos des dommages et des articles qui ont dû être jetés après l’inondation. Conservez un dossier des activités liées à l’inondation, par exemple le temps passé à nettoyer, et conservez des copies des factures et des reçus.last_img read more

Province Invests in Affordable Housing in Sydney

first_imgAbout 15 families in Cape Breton will have a new place to call home within the next year through a $2-million investment in family housing. Premier Darrell Dexter announced today, Jan. 16, that several construction projects will soon be tendered to build semi-detached homes and triplexes in the Sydney area. “Providing good homes is important for healthy families,” said Premier Dexter. “In addition to investing in affordable housing, we’ve taken other steps over the past 18 months to make life better for families. “We have removed the provincial portion of the HST from children’s shoes, clothes and diapers, and introduced the Affordable Living Tax and the Poverty Reduction Tax Credits.” “This investment gives low-income families the helping hand they need to get into safe, affordable homes,” said Community Services Minister, Denise Peterson-Rafuse. “These new homes will provide a platform that will help families live better, healthier lives, and regain their economic independence.” More than $13 million has been invested in social housing in Cape Breton since 2009. “Investments in affordable housing are vital to Cape Breton communities,” said John Aylward with Venture Solutions, a proponent of affordable housing solutions. “I have seen first hand the effect new housing options have on those in need, not to mention the benefits to communities.” To date, under the Affordable Housing Program, more than 1,600 affordable housing units have been created or preserved around Nova Scotia. For more information on these projects, visit .last_img read more

NSLC Continues to Support AdoptAStream

first_imgThe Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) will present the Nova Scotia Salmon Association with $100,000 at the Atlantic Salmon Federation Annual Dinner at the Westin Nova Scotia tonight, March 31. It is the second installment of a five-year commitment to contribute at least $500,000 to the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream program to help protect and restore local watersheds and improve water quality. A detailed news release can be found by following the News Releases link on the NSLC website at . -30-last_img

First Round of Successful Feedin Tariff Applicants Announced

first_imgFive communities from across Nova Scotia are closer to enjoying the benefits of clean, green renewable electricity generated in their own backyards as the province announced the first approved Community Feed-In Tariff (COMFIT) projects in Digby today, Dec. 16. Colchester-Cumberland Wind Field, Watts Wind Energy, Northumberland Wind Field, the Municipality of the District of Chester and Fundy Tidal of Digby are proceeding to the next step in the process. “These applications reflect significant community ownership,” said Energy Minister Charlie Parker. “Once constructed, they will stand as testaments to the spirit of innovation and self-reliance that characterizes rural Nova Scotia, while contributing to local jobs and strengthened economies.” More than a dozen community groups submitted 88 locally based proposals for the unique, made-in-Nova Scotia initiative that encourages community participation in renewable energy projects. The applicants will try to secure financing, develop a grid impact study and complete federal and provincial environmental assessments and approvals. The 2010 Renewable Electricity Plan introduced the COMFIT concept to help provide a secure supply of clean energy at stable prices, reduce green-house gas emissions, and create jobs. The program began accepting applications two months ago. “The province is working with the remaining applicants to complete applications and build alliances among those in competition,” said Mr. Parker. “We aim to have the majority of applications processed by spring, with the next group of approvals announced early in the new year.” “It’s great to get this news,” said David Swan, manager of Turbine Development, Colchester-Cumberland Windfield. “With this approval in place, we hope to be able to begin construction of our project this summer.” Dana Morin, president of Fundy Tidal Inc., was pleased to see tidal technology get a boost. “This is a big day for tidal development in Nova Scotia and indeed Canada,” said Mr. Morin. “The Digby Gut project, along with planned activity in Grand and Petit Passage and FORCE’s work in the Minas Passage, firmly establish Nova Scotia as the place for tidal power research and development.” “This is a fabulous opportunity for our region,” said Warden Linda Gregory, Municipality of the District of Digby. “And it couldn’t have happened without the hard work and dedication of a lot of people. This government has taken a proactive approach to building a cleaner and greener energy economy, and that approach is now bearing fruit.” Town of Digby Mayor Ben Cleveland said building greener communities offers a wide range of benefits for residents, investors, developers and the environment. “It leads us on the path to healthier communities, stable energy costs and a healthier environment,” said Mayor Cleveland. “The Digby area is leading the way in green power generation with our hydro power, wind and now tidal development, thanks to industry leaders such as Fundy Tidal Inc. and the visionary approach of the province.” Municipality of the District of Chester Warden Allen Webber was pleased the area’s large-scale wind turbine got COMFIT approval. “Our project will serve to support the alternative energy goals established by the province and will provide a mechanism for our municipality to generate additional revenue over time for the benefit of our constituents,” said Warden Webber. “We look forward to working through the development and construction phases of the project over the next year.” The COMFIT application process is still open. Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the COMFIT administrator at as early as possible to discuss projects. COMFIT provides eligible groups an established price per kilowatt hour (kWh) for projects producing electricity from renewable resources such as wind, biomass, in-stream tidal and run-of-the-river tidal developments. The feed-in tariff rates were established by the Utilities and Review Board in September. Eligible groups include municipalities, First Nations, co-operatives and not-for-profit groups. The COMFIT program will help the province reach its aggressive renewable electricity targets of 25 per cent renewable electricity by 2015 and 40 per cent by 2020. The province expects 100 megawatts to be produced through the COMFIT. For more information on the program and to apply, visit .last_img read more

Minister Officially Opens Kings County Academy

first_imgStudents and families from the Kentville area are celebrating their new school in the heart of the community. Education Minister Ramona Jennex, Kings North MLA Jim Morton, and representatives from the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board joined students, teachers, parents and the schools’ communities for the official opening of Kings County Academy today, June 11. “The province is putting kids and learning first by providing the best learning environment for students to be successful,” said Ms. Jennex. “The whole community has rallied behind Kings County Academy from the very beginning, and I am pleased that this school is everything they hoped for.” Kings County Academy has been operating since September and has 620 students in Primary to Grade 8. “It’s a welcoming learning environment. The classrooms are bright, and the technology upgrades enhance learning opportunities for the students,” said Kathy Boutilier, president of the parent teacher association. “The staff at Kings County Academy worked very hard to transition these students from their old school and make them comfortable and excited to be in their new school.” Along with the gymnasium and regular classrooms, the new school has small group work rooms, tech production and innovation labs, visual arts space, multi-purpose science lab, library, seminar room, and a raised classroom that could act as a stage. The school also has features such as two assistive-care washrooms, youth health facility, student services suite and a resource and multi-sensory room.last_img read more

Honouring Seniors For Giving Back to Their Communities

first_imgNova Scotians are encouraged to help celebrate the generosity and selflessness of seniors by nominating them for a Remarkable Senior award. Seniors Minister Leo Glavine opened nominations today, April 16, for the awards that honour Nova Scotians age 50-plus for volunteer work, leadership and community service. “Communities rely on dedicated and committed seniors. They become active volunteers and make positive differences by helping others,” said Mr. Glavine. “I want to recognize the time and effort our seniors put forth each day to make our communities better places for everyone.” Many older Nova Scotians are actively involved in community and church groups, provide service to other seniors or youth, and take on leadership roles in local organizations. Mr. Glavine said older Nova Scotians support vibrant communities and inspire others to become involved in a way that makes life better for everyone. Anyone in Nova Scotia can submit a nomination. The deadline is May 9. For more information about the awards or to download the nomination form, visit: .last_img read more

SPBSP alliance a trial Akhilesh

first_imgLUCKNOW: As the SP-BSP alliance unravelled in Uttar Pradesh, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav on Wednesday described the tie-up as a “trial” and said it may not always be successful, but helps in knowing the shortcomings.BSP chief Mayawati on Tuesday declared that her party will fight the assembly bypolls alone, prompting Akhilesh Yadav to say his SP too is ready to go solo. “Yes, there are trials, and sometimes you are not successful, but at least you can know your shortcomings,” Yadav told reporters here on Wednesday. Also Read – Pak activated 20 terror camps & 20 launch pads along LoCHe also said that he respected Mayawati irrespective of the political equation between the parties. “I stand by my earlier statement that respecting Mayawati ji is same as respecting me,” the SP president said. He had made the statement earlier this year when the Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) announced tie-up for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. “As far as going solo in the bypolls is concerned, I will consult with party leaders and devise a strategy to work in this direction,” Yadav said. Also Read – Two squadrons which participated in Balakot airstrike awarded citationsThe BJP won 62 of 80 seats in the state while the opposition alliance bagged just 15, with the BSP winning 10 and the SP five. The Congress got one seat and the BJP ally Apna Dal (S) two. Eleven assembly bypolls are due in UP after the respective MLAs won the Lok Sabha polls. Nine of them are from the BJP, and one each from the BSP and the SP. “The bypolls can be announced any moment now. Under the current conditions in Uttar Pradesh, we have decided to fight the bypolls, which will happen on some seats, all alone,” Mayawati said on Tuesday. “If I feel that the SP president is able to fulfil his duties and convert his people into missionaries, then we can still walk together in future. There has been no permanent break as of now,” she said. If he is unable to succeed in his task, it will be better for the party to walk alone, she added. The BSP chief had called a review meeting in New Delhi on Monday to analyse the Lok Sabha results. “I have to say with much sadness that the SP’s base vote – meaning ‘Yadav samaj’ – has not stood along with the SP even in areas where they are in high numbers,” she had said.last_img read more

Jaishankar discusses key elements of ties with Bhutans top leadership

first_imgThimphu: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Friday met Bhutan’s top leadership, including Prime Minister Lotay Tshering, and discussed important elements of the bilateral ties with emphasis on development partnership and cooperation in the hydropower sector. Jaishankar is in the Buddhist kingdom on a two-day visit, his first overseas trip after assuming charge of the Ministry of External Affairs. He also conveyed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s greetings during his talks with Prime Minister Tshering. Also Read – Dussehra with a ‘green’ twist “It was a pleasure to call on @PMBhutan Dr. Lotay Tshering. Conveyed PM @narendramodi’s greetings and had a cordial conversation on important elements of the bilateral partnership,” Jaishankar tweeted. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said that Jaishankar had a “constructive conversation with a close partner”. “Constructive conversation with a close partner. EAM @DrSJaishankar called on @PMBhutan Dr. Lotay Tshering and conveyed PM @narendramodi’s greetings. High-level exchanges & engagements have further enhanced our bilateral connections,” he said in a tweet. Also Read – India receives its first Rafale fighter jet from France Earlier, Jaishankar held talks with his Bhutanese counterpart Tandi Dorji and discussed issues of mutual interest with emphasis on development partnership and hydropower. “Excellent conversation with my colleague @FMBhutan Dr. Tandi Dorji. We recommitted ourselves to further enriching our special and unique ties,” he said in a tweet. Kumar said that the two leaders discussed issues of mutual interest with emphasis on development partnership and hydropower, “giving a new thrust to time-tested friendship”. “EAM @DrSJaishankar held talks with @FMBhutan Dr. Tandi Dorji. The two Ministers discussed issues of mutual interest with emphasis on development partnership and hydropower,” he said in a tweet. The External Affairs Ministry in New Delhi on Thursday said that the visit reflects the importance India attaches to its relationship with Bhutan, a close friend and neighbour. Bhutan has been a close ally of India and bilateral ties between the two countries are on an upswing in the last few years. Bhutan was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first overseas visit after assuming charge in 2014.last_img read more

6 burglars arrested 200 kg copper wire recovered

first_imgNew Delhi: Delhi Police on Friday arrested six burglars involved in the theft of copper wire and approx. 200 kg of stolen copper wire recovered.According to police the incidents of theft of copper wire were reported in Mukherjee Nagar police station. “These incidents were found occurred at All India Radio High Power Transmission Aerial Field which is spread in approx. 300 Acres of land,” police said. The Mukherjee Nagar police team first arrested three accused persons Shan Mohamad, Shahzad and Abhishek red-handed along with the bundles of the copper wire. Also Read – Kejriwal ‘denied political clearance’ to attend climate meet in DenmarkDuring sustained interrogation, they disclosed the name of one receiver scrap dealer Aas Mohamad who was arrested from GTB Enclave on their instance and bundles of copper wires also recovered from his possession. They also disclosed that earlier, one scrap hawker Umed was used to roam in the area of Model Town, Mukherjee Nagar as scrap hawker. Later on, he found the potential of stealing a huge amount of Copper Wires from All India Radio High Power Transmission Aerial Field and to earn huge profit from the same. Also Read – Bangla Sahib Gurudwara bans use of all types of plastic items”He started to look for his accomplice for the same and he involved his brother-in-law Shan Mohamad, Firoz, his sister in law Akshay in it,” police said. Later on, three more persons Shahzad, Abhishek, Gaurav and Pintu also joined the gang. They started stealing copper wire from All India Radio Aerial Field and they used to sell it to scrap dealers at cheap rates. Later on, they started committing theft of copper wires from thereby forming separate groups. Police arrested other accused. Elderly saved from burglary The PCR staffs of Delhi Police arrested three burglars in Vasant Vihar area. On the intervening night of 13/14June, the PCR staff was entrusted with a PCR call at 4.10 AM regarding the incident. The PCR staff met the caller, aged 72 years, who informed them that some unknown persons were trying to break open their gate. When he heard the sound, he dialled 100 number for assistance. In the meantime the staff heard some loud noise from the adjoining house. The alert staff chased and apprehended one of the accused. Later other two persons were nabbed.last_img read more

Rudratej Singh appointed BMW Group India President CEO

first_imgNew Delhi: German auto major BMW Group Wednesday announced the appointment of ex-Royal Enfield global president Rudratej Singh as President and CEO of its Indian operations. The appointment will be effective from August 1, 2019, BMW Group India said in a statement. Singh has more than 25 years of experience and has held multiple leadership positions both in the automotive and non-automotive industry, it added. In his last assignment, Singh was the Global President at Royal Enfield and before that he worked with Unilever in India and international markets for over 16 years. With BMW, MINI and Motorrad, the BMW Group has its sight set firmly on the premium sector of the Indian automobile market.last_img

DMK stages walk out in Lok Sabha over NEET

first_imgNew Delhi: The DMK on Monday slammed the Centre for rejecting two resolutions passed by the Tamil Nadu Assembly seeking exemption to state students from writing the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET). DMK members walked out of the Lok Sabha when the government did not respond. DMK’s T.R. Balu raised the issue during Zero Hour, saying the Bills were adopted by the state Assembly but were rejected by the central government after 27 months. Also Read – How a psychopath killer hid behind the mask of a devout laity! “Are we ruled by the Centre? The Centre did not consider the value of the resolution passed by the Tamil Nadu Assembly,” Balu said amid uproar in the House over the political crisis in Karnataka. Amid the din, Balu demanded a response from the government. When the government did not respond, the DMK members trooped out of the House. The Tamil Nadu Assembly had passed the resolutions in 2017.last_img read more

Skipper Garg leads India to 35run win over Bangladesh in U19 Triseries

first_imgWorcester: Skipper Priyam Garg slammed a 97-ball century before the bowlers took centre stage to guide India A to a 35-run win over Bangladesh A, their second consecutive in the Under-19 Youth ODI Tri-Series here.Garg remained unbeaten on exactly 100, a knock that was studded with seven boundaries and four hits over the fence, taking India A to 265 for five after opting to bat on Wednesday night.Besides Garg, left-handed opener Yashasvi Jaiswal made 63 off 90 balls up the order. Jaiswal struck six fours and one six during his knock. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over ChandigarhTilak Varma (23) and Pragnesh Kanpillewar (23) got starts but couldn’t prolong their stay, while wicketkeeper Dhruv Jurel (34) also chipped in with useful runs towards the end.Ably supported by left-arm spinner Shubhang Hegde (3/59) in the middle overs, right-arm medium-pacer Kartik Tyagi (4/16) then led India’s bowling attack to bundle out Bangladesh U-19 for 229 in 47.1 overs.Captain Akbar Ali (56), Shamim Hossain (46) and opener Tanzid Hasan (44) were the main run getters for Bangladesh U-19. Also Read – Vijender’s next fight on Nov 22, opponent to be announced laterLeg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi (2/53) and medium pacer Purnank Tyagi (1/32) were the other wicket-takers for India U-19.India U-19 had defeated hosts England U-19 by five wickets in the tri-series opener on last Sunday.India U-19 will again meet Bangladesh U-19 in their next match in Cheltenham on Saturday.Brief Scores: India U-19: 264 for 5 in 50 overs (Priyam Garg 100 not out, Yashasvi Jaiswal 63; Mrittunjoy Chowdhury 2/45).Bangaldesh U-19: 229 all out in 47.1 overs (Akbar Ali 56, Shamim Hossain 46; Kartik Tyagi 4/16, Shubhang Hegde 3/59).last_img read more

Shows what years of RSS training does to mind of weak man

first_imgNew Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday termed as despicable Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar’s “brides from Kashmir” remark, claiming that his comments show what years of RSS training does to the mind of a “weak, insecure and pathetic man”. His reaction came after Khattar on Friday courted a controversy with his remarks that some people of Haryana are saying that they “can now get brides from Kashmir”, apparently in a reference to the scrapping of the special status for Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 of the Constitution. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’ “Haryana CM, Khattar’s comment on Kashmiri women is despicable and shows what years of RSS training does to the mind of a weak, insecure and pathetic man. Women are not assets to be owned by men,” Gandhi said in a tweet. Speaking at an event in Fatehabad, Khattar had said, “There can be problems if the number of girls is lesser than boys. Our (O P) Dhankarji had said that they (brides) will have to be brought from Bihar. Now some people say, Kashmir is open, they (brides) will be brought from there. But jokes apart, the question is if (sex) ratio is right, then there will be a right balance in society.”last_img read more