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India Step Closer to Using LNG to Fuel Barges

first_imgzoom The Haldia Dock Complex, under India’s Kolkata Port Trust, revealed plans to set up LNG storage facilities near the Haldia Oil Jetty No. 1 as it designated some 10 acres of land for a period of 30 years for the project in light of the country’s efforts to introduce the use of LNG as fuel for barges.Namely, the move comes on the back of the Ministry of Shipping’s intent to reduce logistics cost and achieve the COP21 targets on cutting down pollution. Use of LNG as fuel for barges is expected to save around 20 percent on fuel, according to the ministry. Carbon Dioxide emissions are likely to get reduced by 20-25 percent and nitrogen/sulphur oxide emissions by 90 per cent.The efforts to introduce LNG as barge fuel is part of the overall efforts to promote transport on inland waterways and coastal shipping.The LNG storage project, which would also include laying pipelines and installing unloading arms through tender cum auction, will be undertaken on land lease model by granting lease of land by middle of December, 2016.LNG facilities are expected to be developed within 24 months from date of allotment of land.last_img read more

Twothirds of Canadian households saving for retirement census suggests

first_imgTORONTO – Two-thirds of households are setting aside money for retirement, taking advantage of either a registered pension plan, an RRSP or a tax-free savings account, Statistics Canada said Wednesday as it released the latest batch of numbers from the 2016 census.Of 14 million households, 65.2 per cent made a contribution in 2015 — the most recent year for which data was available — to one or more of the three major savings vehicles, an apparent counterpoint to the prevailing narrative that too many Canadians take a cavalier approach to retirement.Different generations took different approaches: Major income earners aged 35 to 54 were prone to make use of registered pension plans and RRSPs, while those younger than 35 and those older than 54 were more likely to contribute to a TFSA.Or, in Statistics Canada’s words: “Participation in savings plans followed strong life-cycle patterns.”It’s the first time the census has probed the question, taking advantage of tax data to paint a more accurate picture of just how seriously Canadians take it — a picture which experts say has long been distorted by suspect data and aggressive investment marketing.“I think things in general are still in pretty good shape when it comes to preparing for retirement,” said Fred Vettese, chief actuary at Morneau Shepell in Toronto.“For the most part, when you look at middle-income Canadians they are saving. So one of the problems with the statistics is that they end up being misleading.”Vettese said he’s particularly frustrated by the oft-cited national household saving rate, which landed at 4.6 per cent in the second quarter of this year, compared with 20 per cent in 1980.“That’s the stat that people keep on harping on, and it has dropped a lot — but that household saving rate is a funny number.”For starters, household saving doesn’t include Canada Pension Plan contributions — “for most people, you figure that their CPP contributions are savings for retirement,” he said — which means federal efforts to enhance the pension plan won’t change that figure “one iota.”What’s more, Vettese said, the household saving rate deducts what retired Canadians might take out of their nest egg once it becomes a source of income.“So, with an aging population and more people drawing an income then used to be the case back in the 1990s, obviously it’s going to look like people are saving less.”Research compiled by actuary Malcolm Hamilton of the C.D. Howe Institute suggests that the rate of retirement saving for employed people has actually almost doubled in recent decades.Hamilton’s data-crunching exercise — which sought to correct for household saving’s shortcomings — showed a surge between 1990 and 2012 in contributions to retirement savings plans, even as household saving dropped sharply. Over that 22-year period, contributions went from 7.7 per cent of earnings to 14.1 per cent.“Some of that is public pension saving plans, so employers and employees are both putting money in,” said Vettese. “But some of that is actually people putting money into their RRSPs. And you also have to figure that some of the money in TFSAs will be used for retirement.”The numbers released Wednesday show a clear preference among younger workers for tax-free savings accounts, which were introduced in 2009 by the former Conservative government.Of the 45 per cent of major income earners aged 15 to 24 who saved for retirement in 2015, 33.5 per cent opted for TFSAs, compared to 14.3 per cent who contributed to an RRSP. For 25 to 34 year olds, 42 per cent put money in a TFSA, versus 37.3 per cent for an RRSP.Perhaps not surprisingly, those aged 35 to 54 — a generation more familiar with the RRSP model than with tax-free savings accounts — showed a preference for the former, at more than 45 per cent. They were, however, better savers across the board, with nearly three-quarters of their ranks opting for at least one of the three savings tools.Where young and middle-aged would-be savers are concerned, a dramatic increase in housing prices relative to wage growth has been one the biggest challenges, said certified financial planner Jason Heath.“Double-digit real estate appreciation and one per cent wage growth don’t work long-run on a lot of levels,” said Heath, the managing director of Objective Financial Partners in Markham, Ont., outside Toronto.“This means that more cash flow is being allocated towards home down payments, and it’s taking longer to pay off mortgages. I’m seeing a lot of cases where people are going to have to rely on home equity as part of their retirement plan.”Like Vettese, Heath said he believes baby boomers are largely doing fine when it comes to financing their retirement years.“They bought homes and saved for retirement during a boom time,” he said. “It’s the latter half of the ‘Gen-X’ generation and millennials who are getting squeezed.”A bigger challenge for young and middle-aged Canadians, added Vettese, is the low interest rate environment and the impact that the aging population is having on the balance between savers and borrowers, despite efforts by government to stimulate the economy.“Interest rates are low now and they’re going to be staying low,” he said.“That’s going to be an issue for retirees, because obviously that means they’re not going to get as much of their income from investment returns in retirement as used to be the case.”— Follow @DaveHTO on Twitterlast_img read more

Seabirds stuck after major East Coast storm pushes them deep inland

first_imgSEAFORTH, N.S. – Seabirds rarely seen on land were stuck, stranded and unable to take flight, after being pushed far inland during last week’s violent East Coast windstorm.Many of the seabirds — including the tiny, black-and-white dovekie — have legs that are further back on their bodies, making them unable to take flight once they’re on land.“When they do get blown to land they can’t get up and take off and head back to the ocean. They have to take off from the crest of the waves or from the ocean itself,” said Hope Swinimer, the founder of Hope for Wildlife in Seaforth, N.S.The centre received more than 350 calls from people who had found birds injured or unable to take flight after the storm, and advised them to return them to the water as possible.“I always tell people to stay around and wait at least 10 to 15 minutes. If they come back up on the beach then you know you have a problem, and you’re going to have to get them into rehab,” she said Tuesday.She said they have treated about 80 birds suffering everything from exhaustion to broken legs, broken wings and head trauma.“I find we’re seeing way more seabirds than we ever have before,” she said.The storm lashed Atlantic Canada with strong onshore winds, rain, snow and storm surges, resulting in coastal damage and power outages.Many of the birds were not able to overcome the extremely strong wind gusts, she said.“Sometimes they smash into things as they’re being blown. So we have a few broken legs, a few broken wings, a couple dislocations and some head trauma,” she said.She said while they’ve seen a lot of gulls, there have also been more unusual seabirds — everything from bluebills to dovekies, a long-tailed duck, and loons.Swinimer said about 70 per cent of their patients have been returned to the ocean.Many just needed a quick checkover by a veterinarian and some time to regain their strength but some of the birds did not recover, she said.Despite the bitter cold temperatures of the past week and frigid windchills, Swinimer said the cold is not an issue for seabirds.“It’s exhaustion, or lack of food or actual injuries that are going to cause the most problems. Cold is not so much the worry.”— By Kevin Bissett in Frederictonlast_img read more

Melissa Joan Hart Joins Once Upon A Birth Campaign

first_imgMelissa Joan Hart has joined Merck for Mother’s Once Upon a Birth campaign.Every few seconds, in every corner of the globe, a mother welcomes a baby into the world. A new U.S. consumer survey confirmed that nearly every parent characterizes this moment as “life-changing,” and it is celebrated as a happy occasion. However, what is not often discussed is that childbirth can be a very dangerous time for a woman. According to the World Health Organization, every two minutes somewhere in the world a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth.As part of Merck’s ongoing efforts to reduce the rates of maternal mortality around the world, Merck for Mothers launched a pilot program in the United States on Thursday, October 25, 2012 titled “Once Upon a Birth.” Every story shared, triggers a donation from Merck to Join My Village, a program from CARE that empowers women and girls, and supports safe pregnancies and deliveries.Melissa Joan Hart shared her birth story as part of the campaign, and celebrated the special new addition to her family.“It really is the perfect timing for me to be a part of this, having just given birth to Tucker,” she told OMG. “I’ve gone to Facebook and shared my birth story. Now I’m just passing on the word for people to go there to share their stories too. For every story shared, they’re making a donation to Join My Village. … 90 percent of deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth are actually preventable. And this happens here in the U.S. and it happens all over the world. It’s just so sad. So the Once Upon a Birth campaign is an incredible thing to do for mothers all over the world.”You can read Melissa’s story here.Help make sure that no birth story goes untold. Help honor all of the moms who are not here to share their story. Help make this an issue that receives the global attention it deserves so that in the not-so-distant future, maternal mortality becomes history.Help support mothers around the world by visiting and sharing your story on the “Once Upon a Birth” tab!last_img read more

Panic buying of fuel continues despite end of strike

The strike launched by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) Trade Union Collective was suspended last night following an assurance received by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. Workers of Sri Lanka’s state-run petroleum firm launched the indefinite strike against the Government’s proposed deal with India to jointly operate an oil storage facility in Trincomalee.Sri Lanka and India are expected to sign an agreement to jointly invest and develop the Trincomalee Port and establish a petroleum refinery and other industries there. (Colombo Gazette) Some small fuel stations were closed this morning as they had run out of stocks. Panic buying of fuel continued this morning despite the end of the strike by trade unions last night.Long queues were seen at several fuel stations around the country today as fuel browsers had yet to provide adequate supplies following the end of the strike. read more

Without new funds UN food agency will suspend aid to Eritrean refugees

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) warned today that without fresh funding, it will be forced to suspend assistance to more than 91,000 Eritrean refugees living in camps in the Sudan.“We are appealing to donors to come forward urgently with contributions to assist the Eritrean refugees,” said WFP’s Country Director in Sudan, Ronald Sibanda. Referring to the fact that Eritreans are repatriating in large numbers, he said, many “are ready to go home, but until they do, our help is all they have.”Lack of resources has already compelled the agency to cut by almost half the amount of food being distributed to the Eritrean refugees in Sudan, who face conditions of extreme poverty. Many arrived nearly 20 years ago, and have seen their access to food decline dramatically over the years, WFP said.The agency needs nearly 10,000 tons of mixed food commodities, valued at approximately $5.2 million, to assist the Eritrean refugees until they are repatriated next year.Meanwhile, the reduction in rations has caused a jump in the malnutrition rates of children under five as well as pregnant and lactating women among the refugee population. Some 4,500 of the most vulnerable are being cared for through supplementary feeding programmes in the camps.“We have a tremendous responsibility towards these people,” said Mr. Sibanda. “We are their only hope and we cannot abandon them.” read more

Top UN officials head to Ethiopia and Eritrea in bid to ease

Jean-Marie Guéhenno, head of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), and General Randir Kumar Mehta, the UN military advisor, plan to interview UN staff in both countries to assess the situation between Ethiopia and Eritrea, whose ongoing border dispute erupted into war between 1998 and 2000.They have also requested meetings with political leaders on both sides, whom Mr. Guéhenno will encourage to adhere to the peace process and subsequent Security Council resolutions, according to a spokesman for the world body.The UN has already conveyed a message to the Eritrean authorities that it cannot accept their request for a pullout, within 10 days from 6 December, by staff of the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) who originate from the United States, Canada, Europe and Russia.On Tuesday, both the Secretary-General and the Security Council demanded that Eritrea rescind its request, which they said was inconsistent with the fundamental principle of the universality of peacekeeping operations, which represent the whole of the international community.Both the Council and the Secretary-General also demanded that Eritrea reverse its ban on air flights and lift all restrictions imposed on UNMEE’s operations as called for by the Council’s 23 November resolution on the matter.That resolution threatened actions, possibly including sanctions, against Eritrea and Ethiopia if, in the case of Eritrea, it does not immediately rescind its flight ban, and against both parties if they do not reverse their military build up. read more

Larvik Vardar and Dinamo to Womens EHF CL F4 in Budapest

Three teams who will fight for the Women’s EHF Champions League title in Budapest on May 9 and 10 are Larvik HK, Dinamo Sinara and ŽRK Vardar! The most interesting clash in Gyor, where the reigning champions tried to overplayed Macedonian ŽRK Vardar Skopje was ended with 27:27 (Korsos and Sen 6 – Penezic 8). The Macedonian girls saved routinely +6 from the first match – 24:18.The most easiest job had Larvik HK with impressive victory over German Thuringer 36:18 (first match 29:26 for Norwegians).The third team who celebrated tickets for F4 is Russian Dinamo Sinara from Volgograd. Russian girls beat Romanian HCM Baia Mare 30:25, which was more than enough for the final triumph (23:25 first match). Womens EHF Champions Leaguezrk vardar ← Previous Story Kielce conquere Vardar in Skopje Next Story → PSG save hopes for Veszprem Arena read more

No mechanical anomalies discovered in initial analysis of R116 flight recorders

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article ‘No mechanical anomalies’ discovered in initial analysis of R116 flight recorders The AAIU said it was mindful that S-92A helicopters are in operation around the world in a variety of roles. Image: Rescue 116 via Facebook Share Tweet Email2 44 Comments THE AIR ACCIDENT Investigation Unit (AAIU) has said no mechanical anomalies have been identified in an initial analysis of flight recorders on the R116 Coast Guard helicopter that crashed over two weeks ago.In a statement today, Chief Inspector of Air Accidents, Jurgen Whyte, and the appointed investigator-in-charge, Paul Farrell, said they were “keenly aware of the loss and grief of the families, friends and colleagues of the crew of R116″.“The AAIU continues to work with other agencies to locate and recover the two missing crew members,” they said.The AAIU is mindful that Sikorsky S-92A helicopters are in operation around the world in a variety of roles, including search and rescue. Following an event such as this, many operators and agencies are anxious to learn if any matters are identified during the ongoing investigation that may require immediate safety actions. Saturday 1 Apr 2017, 5:15 PMcenter_img Image: Rescue 116 via Facebook By Michelle Hennessy Short URL The Investigation is still at a preliminary stage. However, an initial analysis has been conducted of the data retrieved from the helicopter’s Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) and the Multi-Purpose Flight Recorder (MPFR). No mechanical anomalies have been identified during this initial analysis.“The AAIU Investigation is ongoing and a Preliminary Report will be issued in the near future.”An attempt to lift the wreckage of the helicopter had to be suspended today due to weather conditions. The remains of winch operator Paul Ormsby (53) and winchman Ciarán Smith (38) have not yet been located. Apr 1st 2017, 5:15 PM 29,675 Views last_img read more

New Species of Tiny Tyrannosaur Sheds Light on T Rex Relative

first_img Tyrannosaurus rex wasn’t always king of the prehistoric jungle.One hundred million years ago, carnivorous allosaurs were considered an apex predator. But how and when the theropods were replaced by tyrannosaurs remains a mystery.Until now.A newly discovered, “diminutive” relative of the fearsome fossil helps fill a 70-million-year gap, linking early tyrannosaurs to the world-famous T. rex.A team from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and North Carolina State University recently unearthed Moros intrepidus, a small tyrannosaur that lived about 96 million years ago in modern-day Utah.A paper describing the oldest Cretaceous tyrannosaur species discovered in North America was published this week in the journal Communications Biology.Medium-sized, primitive tyrannosaurs have been found in North America dating as far bas as the Jurassic (about 150 million years ago). By the Cretaceous—some 81 million years ago—the dinosaurs had grown into the enormous, iconic predators we know today.Their growth spurt, however, was never documented; the fossil record between the two periods has long been a blank state.“When and how quickly tyrannosaurs went from wallflower to prom king has been vexing paleontologists for a long time,” according to study co-author Lindsay Zanno, a researcher at NC State and the North Carolina Museum of Sciences. “The only way to attack this problem was to get out there and find more data on these rare animals.”Which is exactly what she did.A decade spent hunting for remains finally yielded teeth and a hind limb from the new old lizard. Even more telling: The lower leg bones of Moros were discovered in the same area Zanno previously found Siats meekerorum, a giant meat-eating carcharodontosaur that lived during the same period.Tiny by comparison, Moros stands only three or four feet tall at the hip—about the size of a modern mule deer.Zanno estimates that their Moros was more than seven years old when it died, nearly full grown.“Although the earliest Cretaceous tyrannosaurs were small, their predatory specializations meant that they were primed to take advantage of new opportunities when warming temperatures, rising sea-level, and shrinking ranges restructured ecosystems at the beginning of the Late Cretaceous,” Zanno explained. “We now know it took them less than 15 million years to rise to power.”(*Insert joke about tyrannical world leader here.*)The team also uncovered the origin of T. rex‘s lineage in North America, suggesting that its closest relatives were from Asia.More on Identify Giant Croc With T. Rex TeethNew Dinosaur Species With Spiny Backbone Discovered in PatagoniaAncient Dinosaur Movements Could Inform Modern Robotics Scientists Uncover New Evidence of Asteroid That Killed DinosaursEgg Fossils Provide Glimpse Into Prehistoric Parenting Stay on targetlast_img read more

1230 WWE Results Toronto Ontario Cena vs Del Rio

first_img Videos Articles Twitter Videos Articles Videos Articles Facebook 12/30 WWE Results: Toronto, Ontario, Canada* Neville def. The Miz.* Zack Ryder, Mojo Rawley & Titus O’Neil def. Stardust & The Ascension.* Big Show def. Mark Henry.* WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose def. Kevin Owens.* WWE Divas Champion Charlotte def. Beck Lynch.* The Usos & Goldust def. The Wyatt Family.* John Cena def. WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio via DQ.Source: PWInsider.comRecommended videosPowered by AnyClipMadison Square Garden Pays Tribute to Roman ReignsVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:34/Current Time 0:02Loaded: 100.00%0:02Remaining Time -0:32 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Vin Diesel and John Cena share ‘intense’ scene Now Playing Up Next How To Win A Trip To Meet The Miz And Becky Lynch Now Playing Up Next The Miz WhatsApp Xavier Woods Madison Square Garden Pays Tribute to Roman Reignscenter_img Now Playing Up Next SPOILERS: 7/20 Impact TV tapings in Windsor to air on Pursuit and Twitch Pinterest Google+ Triple H Now Playing Up Next Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Now Playing Up Next 2/8 WWE Live Results: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Strowman vs. Corbin, EC3 in action) Why WWE’s The Miz Won’t Stop Talking About His Newborn Daughter Vince McMahon Sends Supportive Message To Roman Reigns WWE Now: IIconics overcome their fears with Cathy Kelley on EdgeWalk of CN Tower last_img read more

Bundy brothers leave Oregon jail for Nevada

first_imgPORTLAND — Ammon and Ryan Bundy are being transferred from an Oregon jail to Nevada, where they will be tried early next year on charges stemming from a 2014 standoff with federal agents near their father’s ranch.The Multnomah County Jail roster shows the brothers left the downtown Portland jail Wednesday morning. They are being flown to Las Vegas, where they face more than a dozen felony charges.A jury last week acquitted the Bundys and five co-defendants of conspiring to impede Interior Department employees from doing their jobs at a national wildlife refuge in Oregon.The brothers led an armed occupation of the refuge to call attention to the plight of two imprisoned ranchers and express their opposition to federal government control of Western lands.last_img

Bin Laden soninlaw convicted at NYC terror trial

first_imgNEW YORK — Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law, the voice of fiery al-Qaida propaganda videotapes after the Sept. 11 attacks, was convicted Wednesday of conspiring to kill Americans for his role as the terror group’s spokesman.The verdict came after about six hours of deliberation over two days in the case against Kuwaiti imam Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, the highest-ranking al-Qaida figure to face trial on U.S. soil since the attacks.As a court deputy read the verdict aloud, Abu Ghaith, listening to an Arabic interpreter through earphones, remained composed as he had throughout the trial. Just before he was led from the courtroom, he turned toward a spectator — a longtime friend from Kuwait — and smiled.In a statement, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said he hoped the verdict brought some measure of comfort to al-Qaida victims.“He was more than just Osama bin Laden’s propaganda minister,” Bharara said. “Within hours after the devastating 9/11 attacks, Abu Ghaith was using his position in al-Qaida’s homicidal hierarchy to persuade others to pledge themselves to al-Qaida in the cause of murdering more Americans.”Defense attorney Stanley Cohen emerged from court promising to appeal.Abu Ghaith had testified during a three-week trial that he answered bin Laden’s request in the hours after the attacks to speak on the widely circulated videos used to recruit new followers willing to go on suicide missions like the 19 who hijacked four planes on Sept. 11, 2001.last_img read more

PCA Predict offers share scheme to motivate staff

first_imgPCA Predict provides address validation technology used on e-commerce sites, for customers that include Tesco, Dow Jones, and Disney. The organisation, which has offices in Worcester and New York, and employs over 55 members of staff, offers an enterprise management incentive (EMI) scheme.The EMI scheme was chosen as a way of motivating staff through the generous tax incentives it provides to encourage wider share ownership. Guy Mucklow, co-founder of PCA Predict, says: “It has been proven that employee-owned businesses are consistently more productive, innovative and profitable than those that that are not. One of the main reasons for this is that employee shareholders treat the business like it’s their own.“They care more about the [organisation’s] future and understand how their financial and career paths are inextricably linked to the success of the business. If we can get to that point, then we will create that virtuous circle where everyone will benefit.”The organisation decided to kickstart the scheme by gifting up to 10% of equity to employees. Mucklow says: “It is a fairly unusual arrangement in that with most EMI schemes, employees are expected to pay something for the option. By gifting our equity, it means that there is immediate value in the share award and that, ultimately, unless the business is worthless when we sell, the share options will provide a good return for our employees.”To illustrate, an employee who received 0.01% of the equity on the first round that was paid out last May, would have received approximately £6,000 of immediate value for their shares based on a valuation received in December 2015.Mucklow says: “We are very keen to ensure that we have the best talent and that we do our utmost to share our success.”last_img read more

45 want a job with more flexible hours when returning to work

first_imgMore than two-fifths (45%) of respondents who are parents want a job with more flexible hours when they return to work after having a child, according to research by New Skills Academy.Its survey of 124 parents also found that 98% of respondents feel that an understanding employer which recognises that they may need to take time off for school events or if their child is ill, is important or very important to them.The research also found:34% of respondents want a job with shorter working hours when they return to work after having a child.93% of respondents view flexible working hours as an important or very important benefit that suits their lifestyle as a parent, 80% think the option to work part-time is important or very important, and 90% believe the ability to work locally or from home is important or very important when returning to work as a new parent.93% of respondents who are mothers have returned to work after the birth of a child, or are planning to return to work. Of these, 75% have returned to the same job or profession, however 82% are considering changing their careers and 73% are thinking about retraining.Chris Morgan (pictured), co-owner at New Skills Academy, said: “Returning back to work after having children can often be a difficult time for a parent. It’s during this moment that many feel it’s the right time to consider a new career; often one that offers greater flexibility and more time with the little ones.”last_img read more

Miami Police searching for two armed robbers

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Cameras captured two armed men robbing a Miami business, June 5, and police are asking for the public’s help finding them.The video shows the two armed men walking into a Dollar General Store demanding cash and cell phones from two people inside. Investigators said one victim was pistol-whipped.The crime took place near Southwest Eighth Street and 52nd Avenue.If you have any information on this robbery, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

3 displaced after fire at Miami apartment building

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – A fire tore through an apartment building in Miami, Sunday morning, leaving three residents displaced.Miami Fire Rescue responded to the scene of the blaze along Northeast 78th Street and Biscayne Boulevard.One woman said she was showering when the fire broke out in her unit. She was able to get out before the flames spread throughout the building.Fortunately, no one was hurt.The cause of the fire remains under investigation.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

ASME Revises Editorial Guidelines

first_img The most noticeable changes are the lack of prohibitions on cover advertising and editorial input in creating sponsored content—previous iterations of ASME’s guidelines explicitly stated “Don’t Print Ads on Covers” and “Don’t Ask Editors to Write Ads.” The new rules opt for a softer tone however, requiring “editors and publishers [to] take special care to distinguish between editorial content and advertising,” and for editors to “avoid working with and reporting on the same marketers.” While critics of the changes argue the new approach makes too many concessions to the business side, Sid Holt, CEO of ASME, says generalization was a necessary tradeoff. A truly comprehensive set of rules addressing every platform in the current media era would have meant a much longer, more prescriptive document—an option “that was never really on the table.” “Are these guidelines or regulations? That was one of the main issues that kept coming up,” he says. “The prevailing view was that over time, they had morphed from guidelines to help editors handle some common ad-edit issues, into what were perceived as a set of regulations. There was too much to be considered guidelines, and not enough to be satisfactory regulations.” In recognition of evolving industry norms, the American Society of Magazine Editors has issued revised editorial guidelines forgoing specific procedural restrictions on advertiser-editor relationships in favor of a set of broader principles.center_img Holt says history was also a guide. Minor changes have been included before—this is the 15th revision since the guidelines were first adopted in 1982—but it had been a decade since the last major overhaul. “The guidelines dealt almost exclusively with print,” Holt says. “There were digital guidelines introduced in the early 2000s, but they were still largely reflective of a print sensibility. We thought we needed guidelines that were applicable to all magazine media, including mobile, social, video and experiential.”last_img read more

Compliance Ordered for Ketchikan Water Supply

first_imgA compliance order from the state Department of Environmental Conservation spells out what the City of Ketchikan is required to do over the next couple of years to address ongoing water concerns.Download AudioThe compliance order calls for Ketchikan to finish research into options for dealing with the source of the city’s water, and submit engineering design plans for any needed upgrades by the end of 2015.The city also must continue plans to upgrade its new water treatment plant and start testing for the waterborne parasite Cryptosporidium – something it’s not tested for previously.All this is expected to cost between $1.75 and $2.25 million. The city does have about $1.8 million left from a low-interest state loan that paid for construction of the new treatment plant. That is a loan, though, so it will have to be paid back over time.John Kleinegger, water division manager for the city-owned Ketchikan Public Utilities, explained that “KPU issues the bond and the state makes a guarantee, so the financing would come from the revenue of KPU – Electric, telephone and water combined.”That means the loan will be paid for by KPU customers.While the loan would cover the low end of the estimate, it’s likely that the overall cost of the compliance order will exceed that amount. City Manager Karl Amylon writes in a memo that additional costs could be covered by KPU reserves.Ketchikan’s water supply has been problematic in recent years for a couple of reasons.First: Ketchikan Lakes, which is the source of the city’s drinking water, has higher-than-allowed levels of coliform bacteria. The water is disinfected before it’s distributed, but the federal Environmental Protection Agency still regulates coliform levels in the source water.Kleinegger said it might be possible to resolve that issue through the city’s ultraviolet radiation treatment system. The city’s new treatment plant combines chemical and UV disinfection. Kleinegger cited a similar system in the Seattle area.“This is the Cedar River treatment plant, where, like us, they do have higher than acceptable levels of coliform,” he said. “But they were also able to demonstrate to their regulatory agencies that by providing more UV disinfection than is technically required, they were able to achieve a waiver.”Ketchikan also will investigate taking water from different locations in the lake.The second problem is that the city’s water supply has a lot of organic material floating in it, and when that material comes in contact with chlorine disinfection, it forms byproducts that also are regulated by the EPA.The city’s water has too many of those byproducts, despite the new treatment system that was built specifically to address that problem. That new system uses UV and chloramine — a blend of chlorine and ammonia rather than chlorine alone. It brought the levels down, but not quite enough.“By what we’ve done so far with chloramination, we’ve cut the levels in half, but we’re still not below 60 parts per billion,” Kleinegger said. “We’re close, but close only counts in horse shoes.”The city has a plan under way to tweak the new treatment plant and get those byproduct levels below the threshold. It involves adding chlorine early on, but not as much, passing the water through the UV treatment, and then adding the ammonia and more chlorine. Kleinegger said he expects that will bring the levels down to an average of 30 to 40 parts per billion.All of this is part of the city’s ongoing effort to avoid building a really expensive filtration plant. A conventional filtration plant would cost an estimated $35 million to build, and would be much more costly to operate than the current treatment system.Kleinegger said that despite all the plans to avoid filtration, he is keeping an eye on the technology as it develops.“If all this doesn’t work the way that we hoped it will, then our next position will be, if we have to go to filtration, to make it as inexpensive, not only to construct but also to operate, as possible,” he said.The water compliance order has been under development since this summer, and City of Ketchikan officials have participated in its drafting. It is a legally binding document, and violating it could lead to fines, or civil or criminal court actions.Kleinegger said it’s a way for the EPA, along with state regulatory agencies, to make sure public water suppliers follow regulations.“They want to get the serious offenders, which unfortunately includes us, on the path of meeting the requirements of the surface water treatment rules,” he said. “The best way to do it is a legal document that both parties have to agree to.”The City of Ketchikan is on the EPA’s Enforcement Target List, according to City Manager Amylon. But, signing off on the compliance order should satisfy EPA officials, at least for the time being.The water compliance order will be in front of the Ketchikan City Council for approval on Thursday. Representatives of CH2M-Hill, the city’s water treatment consultant firm, will be there to answer questions, along with representatives from the state Department of Environmental Conservation.last_img read more

Union Budget How Much do You Have to Pay as Tax

first_imgSuppose you avail ₹1,50,000 out of this, then you are left with a taxable income of₹ 50,000 The Union Budget is out, tax caps have been announced; and now it is time for you to sit down and calculate how much you need to pay as tax from your annual income.Here are some calculations to figure out:IncomeIncomeAmountAmountIncomeSupposed IncomeAmount₹6,00,000 per annumIncomeIncome tax exemption after the new budget (for those under 60 years of age)Amount₹2,50,000IncomeHow much is left as taxable incomeAmount₹ 3,50,000IncomeIf you have made investments in savings instruments such as National Savings Certificate or other investment schemes under Section 80C, you are eligible for tax exemption of up toAmount₹1,50,000IncomeHow much is left as taxable incomeAmount₹ 2,00,000IncomeIf you have taken a house loan, your tax exemption limit on the loan interest has been raised toAmount₹2,00,000IncomeSuppose you avail ₹1,50,000 out of this, then you are left with a taxable income ofAmount₹ 50,000IncomeIn addition, if you avail other reimbursements for medical and travel allowancesAmount- ₹15,000 (for medical) + ₹9,600 (under travel allowance)IncomeHow much is left as taxable incomeAmount₹ 25,400 If you have taken a house loan, your tax exemption limit on the loan interest has been raised to₹2,00,000 How much is left as taxable income₹ 3,50,000 If you have made investments in savings instruments such as National Savings Certificate or other investment schemes under Section 80C, you are eligible for tax exemption of up to₹1,50,000 Income tax exemption after the new budget (for those under 60 years of age)₹2,50,000 Supposed Income₹6,00,000 per annum How much is left as taxable income₹ 2,00,000 In addition, if you avail other reimbursements for medical and travel allowances- ₹15,000 (for medical) + ₹9,600 (under travel allowance) IncomeAmount How much is left as taxable income₹ 25,400last_img read more