For heaven’s sake, why doesn’t anyone update 24?

first_imgI was excited to come across this page on, the website of one of Germany’s two main 24-hour news channels. (The other one’s n-tv). It looks like a selection of BBC-style blogs by the people we see on the box.How wrong I was. The whole point of blogs, as I hope to be demonstrating with this series, is that they need to be frequently updated and timely. So why haven’t the 24ers added any posts to the “Reporters” section since August? They seem to have got some good catches there – Katrin Sandmann, as her online CV proudly tells us, has been a correspondent in Jerusalem, Amman and Baghdad. So why aren’t we hearing from her? The only real blog on the site that seems to be active is Political Editor Michaela May’s May Blog, but it reads like a few rushed pieces of incoherent smalltalk.The blogosphere has been a huge plus for the media in Britain and revolutionised the way some of us approach the press. How long’s it going to take for N24 to realise its importance?Cherwell 24 is not responsible for the content of external siteslast_img