These EcoFriendly Jackets Are Stuffed With Bison Fur

first_imgStay on target San Diego to Build Charging Stations for 3,000 Electric Buses, TrucksHydrogen-Powered Plane Can Fly 20 Passengers Up to 500 Miles Despite what you may have seen on Futurama, you can’t actually buy a car that has seats stuffed with eagle down. You can, however, buy jackets and vests that are insulated with the fur of another iconic American animal.The bison’s coat of hollow, resilient hair has always done a fantastic job of keeping the majestic animals warm. Now it can keep you warm, too!United By Blue wasn’t keen on utilizing goose down in its garments. CEO Brian Linton said that despite improvements “the down industry’s live plucking practices remain too controversial.” “We ventured into the world of synthetic insulation,” he added, “but were never able to find something we could truly stand behind both technically and environmentally.”Five years ago they started working to create something better. It took numerous attempts to get the formulation just right. Ultimately UBB settled on a 50-50 mix of bison fur and polyester that they refer to as B100.The result of their efforts is a high-performance insulation that’s lightweight, packable, breathable, and hypoallergenic. The company is proud of their creation for more than just technical reasons. B100 is also very eco-friendly.The polyester is 100 percent recycled and the bison fur is actually waste that’s salvaged from the ranching industry. UBB built its supply chain from the ground up, but that’s nothing new for the Philadelphia-cased company.Founded in 2010, United By Blue has always aimed to make a positive impact on the environment. The company has been removing one pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways for every item sold. In just under 8 years of cleanup they’re now closing on the 1.5 million pound mark.They’ve also achieved B Corporation certification, which is no mean feat. B Corps have to meet rigid standards for “social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability” and maintain a balance between “profit and purpose.”More on Vegan Shoes Are Made from Recycled Coffee Grounds8 Eco Brands Reimagining Fashion’s FutureThe North Face Turned Recyclables from National Parks Into Clothinglast_img