IOGEAR introduces a pair of new HTPC keyboards which Sony would do

first_imgAlthough set-top boxes like the Boxee Box and the Roku are finally starting to catch up, I still love my HTPC, which has allowed me to watch all the video both optical and streaming media has to offer for a while now… including Bittorrent, if I were so inclined.The problem with an HTPC, though? PC interfaces just aren’t built for trying to wrangle with from the couch. For years, I’ve been dealing with a sub-optimal solution: a cheap wireless keyboard with a lousy trackball built into one corner. It does the job, but I’ve long wanted something a bit more elegant.Maybe IOGEAR’s new trackball-equipped HTPC keyboards are what I’ve been looking for. There’s two of them, each a 2.4GHz affair. One is a smaller palm-sized keyboard with backlit keys, a tiny optical trackball and a cover lid to keep you from accidentally playing a movie when you sit on it: it costs $99.95. Then there’s one more suitable for typing, with a row of media hotkeys and a much larger trackball, going for $89.95. Both certainly beat the control pad Sony mustered up for their Google TV remote, at the very least.last_img read more

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