Famous Ultra Marathon Runner will run from Sarajevo to Hiroshima!

first_img(Source: Radiosarajevo) 56 year old Aleksandar Aco Golo from Mostar, the famous ultra-marathon runner, is preparing to run the 10,000 kilometer distance from Sarajevo to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.Golo, who has so far run other ultra-marathons, including Mostar – Skopje, Mostar – Banja Luka and Visegrad – Mostar, plans to start the journey of his life in late April planning to arrive in Hiroshima on August 6th, the 70th anniversary of the World War Two atomic bombing. Immediately afterwards he plans to continue running to Nagasaki, where he will arrive on August 9th in order to mark that city’s anniversary of a similar tragic event which left the city decimated after a second bomb was dropped.“In this way I express my respect for all the victims of this terrible event. In addition, I express my gratitude to the Japanese government that built a primary school and donated distinctive yellow buses to the city of Mostar. As well, they recently gave us a donation for the reconstruction of Kantarevac. The previously mentioned are enough reason for me to present them something,” said Aco Golo for Dnevni List. He points out that he plans to run 100 kilometres per day for 100 days”During the marathon I will run 12 hours per day. Afterwards I will take a shower, rest and eat dinner. In the morning I plan to have a light breakfast and to run again. I cannot wait,” said Golo adding that many friends are trying to convince him not to go.“I know I can. I’m use to all sorts of things,” explained the runner from Mostar who has been  running at least 10km per day since he was young.“One or two vans will drive along with me on my way to Japan. The team will have to find  a doctor, a physiotherapist and a chef. All these costs, without sponsors, will not be able to be met ”, said Aco and added that during the journey the chef will have the least to do since Aco doesn’t eat anything while running.The friends and acquaintances of Aco Golo point out that it is impossible to count how many races he has run. It is estimated that to date, he has run the equivalent of the Earth’s circumference.last_img read more

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