Víctor Santamaría: “Robin changed the way of counting soccer”

first_imgWhen did you start working with Michael?From the time he joined Canal + in 1991 until I retired from soccer, which Mediapro started doing, three, four years ago.What was working for you that caught Robinson’s attention the most?First, it was super punctual. The English paradigm. It’s not a joke (laughs). If we took the plane or the train at 12:00, he was there at 10:00. He was terrified of being late. His relationship with us, the technicians, was super fluid. I was always attentive to what he said. He commented looking at the monitor a lot and he helped us a lot with the repetitions and frames. Always respectful and polite, with dialogue.Robinson one of the ‘Seal Plus’ banners.It is about to explain the influence that that time had, that of the first Canal +, with Michael, Alfredo (Relaño), in the way of counting football. Valdano said it: it is something that lasts to this day. The orientation of what was the national sports treatment was changed. And it was that group of people catalyzed by Robin who began to approach it differently. “What is football? Like life. Well, life counts and you will count football,” he always said.How? (Smiles) He was a storyteller, literal, story teller, stories. And he put it in our heads. We went to the fields without anything prepared beforehand, we took the images and, from these, we told the story. That prompted Michael. I remember his phrase always. Pictures, pictures, pictures. You turned the camera and you also talked about soccer. That was the key. All very honest and with a blessed ignorance. We were very young too (laughs).Did you understand him at first when he spoke?Robin has always spoken better than he seems, huh (laughs). And he was self-taught, he boasted of it, that he had not given a Spanish class.There is something striking and common in all who knew him: when they talk about him they always do it with a smile on their lips.It is that Michael was a constant anecdote, a producer of professional anecdotes. He had fun and had a great time, like a good Irish medium. It spoke everything. It was rare to see him pissed off. When he got angry at work, he was very obsessive, he went into the loop. He was very perfectionist.Did you last see him …?One month ago. He went up to Report, to some meetings, already with his own, but like when I met him. Joking on his cancer, it seemed like he had nothing. We said goodbye and he should have eaten with him, but we were leaving him, we were leaving him …How much will soccer miss you?It’s going to be a stick … A generation of kids has grown up with it. It’s not just how he told it, it’s how the goat saw it …, tremendous. The best that I saw.last_img read more

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