Ford taking leave of absence

(Update)One year after the bombshell headlines suggesting Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoked crack. And tonight, he says he’s taking a break from campaigning and his job as mayor to get some help.Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington broke the news tonight after he spoke to the mayor — his brother Doug — and Ford’s lawyer Dennis Morris. The Sun and several other Toronto media outlets are reportedly working on a story about another audio recording of the mayor making offensive and sexually suggestive statements about mayoral candidate Karen Stintz. The recording was made at a bar on Monday night — and was recorded by several people. Warmington took the tape to the mayor — and says the mayor told him he doesn’t remember saying what he said. The Sun is reporting that Ford is not leaving the race permanently. But is taking a 30-day leave of absence — for treatment. But it doesn’t end there.Just minutes after the Sun story broke — the Globe and Mail released a picture of Rob Ford — holding what looks like a crack pipe — along with a story alleging that the mayor was smoking over the weekend. Two reporters watched the video — which a drug dealer is trying to sell for six figures — and in it the reporters say you can clearly see Ford’s occasional driver and alleged drug dealer Sandro Lisi — and Ford’s sister Kathy who’s admitted to being a drug addict. Toronto residents had mixed thoughts toward the latest developments in the Ford saga tonight.The Toronto Star is also set to publish a story tonight which says the mayor got angry at a nightclub recently when Justin Bieber asked if he had any crack cocaine. read more

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