Turkey Denounces Israeli Actions at Al Aqsa as Wrong Unlawful and

Toronto – Following a cabinet meeting on Monday, Turkey has spoken out against Israel’s added security measures at the Al Aqsa mosque and its violent crackdown on Palestinian protestors over the weekend that resulted in four dead Palestinians and three dead Israelis.Speaking after the cabinet meeting, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister, Bekir Bozdag said, “Israel’s attitude over al-Aqsa is wrong, unlawful and unacceptable.”Bozdag added that “Israel’s actions there violate both human rights and the freedom of religion and faith.” He followed the comment with a plea to the international community to “take a unified stance against Israel.”Turkey’s official stance comes after the bloodiest weekend in Jerusalem in years, following the installation of metal detectors at the Al Aqsa mosque. The new measures came after the deaths of two Israeli police officers in East Jerusalem June 14. Three alleged Palestinian perpetrators were tracked to the site where they were shot and killed by Israeli security.After the installation of the metal detectors at the mosque’s entrances, Palestinian leaders called for a “day of rage” last Friday in protest. Fearing the prospect of mass demonstrations, Israel decided to bar any male under the age of 50 entry to the site and refused entry to buses carrying Muslim worshippers wanting to attend Friday prayers. Thousands of additional Israeli security personnel were deployed and four Palestinians were killed in the crackdown that followed, as well as three Israeli settlers.At the close of the bloodiest weekend in Jerusalem in years, four Palestinians and three Israelis had been killed. In response to the bloodshed, Israel added cameras to their growing list of security measures, thereby implanting further tension into an already charged atmosphere.The United Nation’s Security Council held an impromptu meeting Monday to discuss the weekend’s violence and possible strategies for alleviating the growing tensions between Palestinians and Israelis over the Al Aqsa site.” The meeting was hastily arranged after France, Egypt and Sweden called for the UN to “urgently discuss how calls for de-escalation in Jerusalem can be supported.” read more

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