Arnold’s mistake

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGift Box shows no rust in San Antonio Stakes win at Santa Anita160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re “Schwarzenegger wants rail bond put on hold” (Jan. 7): Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plan to scrap funding for the California High Speed Rail Project in favor of more funding for freeways is a critical mistake. More people are coming here every day, and more freeways only means more cars, the same old traffic snarls and wasted hours of your lives sitting in traffic, breathing toxic air. One way to help fund the rail project would be to first create a spur line between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. When you consider the vast amounts of traffic traveling between Las Vegas and Southern California on the I-15, the logic should be self-evident, as many a Southern Californian who could avoid using the I-15 to Vegas would do so. Robert Barr Burbank Gov. Girlie Man Re “Arnold steers down middle” (Jan. 9): Middle? What part of $222 billion is middle? Arnold is pummeled by the enormously powerful unions of California, and instead of responding with leadership as a previous actor-turned-governor would have, he folds like a wilted rose. He caves to the Kennedy mystique by hiring an extreme left-wing female friend of the wife, floats a multibillion-dollar state school bond issue and now hangs out a white-flag spending bond that even the Democrats are finding difficult to swallow. That’s real leadership. Make a 180 degree turn and run the other way. Who is the girlie-man now? Patrick Weir Chatsworth Dictatorial powers Several recent letters and opinion articles have supported President George W. Bush’s arrogation of “wartime” power to secretly eavesdrop on telephonic and electronic communications with no check by judicial authority. In a similar manner, this administration has claimed the right to “pre-emptively” invade other countries, to torture and hide prisoners captured in such invasions and to permanently jail U.S. citizens without access to attorneys or courts. Meanwhile, groups protesting or demonstrating against the Iraq war are reportedly being surveilled and their telephonic data are being “mined.” In previous eras, government readily used such tactics against political and personal enemies. We deplore other countries that use such dictatorial tactics and policies, and are losing our freedoms the more we do the same. We have massively lost friends in the Middle East and in formerly friendly nations of the world through such methods while not finding solid solutions to the problems in Palestine, poverty, AIDS and so on throughout the world. Kenneth McClain North Hills Just like old times Sure, the White House can make an argument for illegal domestic wiretapping that sounds justified – tracking down terrorists, evildoers, etc. – but aren’t we all avoiding some obvious questions about the White House’s illegal tapping? How about tapping Democrats during a domestic national election, just as an example, or any other non-evildoer domestic group the White House would like to keep tabs on? It’s starting to sound a little like Watergate without the room service. Joe Furey Valley Village Permission granted Dear NSA: Please tap my telephone, with or without a warrant, anytime you find it may be used to converse with Muslim terrorists. Thank you. Ralph Smathers Newhall Inconvenient truth Re “Fat-wallet effects?” (Their Opinions, Jan. 9): Bill Pratt claims that Republicans fought civil-rights legislation “tooth and nail.” Consider the 1964 Civil Rights Act: In the House of Representatives, 80 percent of Republicans supported the legislation, as opposed to 61 percent of Democrats. When it came down to the final Senate vote, six Republicans and 21 Democrats voted against passage. The truth is so inconvenient for Bush bashers. Louis J. Feldman Van Nuys Foot in mouth Re “Fat-wallet effects?” (Their Opinions, Jan. 9): It is apparent that Mr. Pratt needs a history lesson. It was the Democrats, not the Republicans, who fought civil-rights legislation “tooth and nail,” Al Gore’s father among them. I would suggest a little research before inserting your foot in your mouth. Brinton Marsden Woodland Hills And you prefer … Re ” Controlling the oil” (Your Opinions, Jan. 9): Jean Stauber quotes Donald Rumsfeld as saying we can “control the oil fields” in Iraq, as if that were the wrong strategy. Whom would she rather have in control, the terrorists? Greg Tarizzo Valencia Bozocrat financing Re “Campus expansion costs soar” (Jan. 9): The article about Mission College expansion shows that nothing changes in this city. Originally scheduled to be completed by 2003; now it’s 2006, and officials are getting close to starting. Originally estimated to cost $7 million; now $15 million. Actually seeing the costs (only) double can probably be considered quite an achievement, since most of the time they at least triple. Maybe we need a ballot to vote on that would force any bozocrat to use the word “guesstimate” for the costs and “whenever” for the completion date. George Timko West Hills Big difference Re “O’Reilly’s off base” (Your Opinions, Jan. 10): Jack Allen is wrong and Bill O’Reilly is right. Anybody who purposely kills innocent women and children is no “freedom fighter.” Yes, American forces have killed innocent women and children in Iraq, but there is a big difference: These victims were not targeted by the U.S. military. If the cowardly terrorists had not hidden like little girls among innocent women and children, this would not have happened. We are fighting a war; these things happen. Allen should try and see the positive things our brave men and women are doing over there, and try rooting for our country for a change. Alan N. Toffel Palmdale End, don’t rend, it Re “Fixing the LAUSD” (Our Opinions, Jan. 8): The charter schools have it all over the Los Angeles Unified School District regarding education competence. I do not believe in breaking up the LAUSD into small units. Better to just close the whole bureaucratic mess altogether, and save me (and you) hundreds of dollars of tax money, while providing a better education for our children. Charles Dusheck Chatsworth USC also guilty Re “Shame on Texas” (Your Opinions, Jan. 6): I don’t know what game William H. Link was watching, but I saw the Trojans do the exact same thing he is accusing the Texas players of doing. Reggie Bush actually swung at the Texas players after he was run out of bounds. I saw blatant holding and a couple of face masks that should have been called against USC and weren’t. Just because you don’t like the other team, don’t accuse it of doing something that your own team was doing as well. It’s called football. Becky Butler Sunland Shocking photo Re “Making merry mulch” (Jan. 8): I was shocked to see the photos of city workers shredding Christmas trees in Sunday’s paper! Where was Mayor Villaraigosa? How could he miss this photo op? Was he out of town? 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